How To Connect An iPad To A Computer?

Fortunately, an iPad can be connected to your system with the help of innumerable items such as charger cable, Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection on the Mac. After the iPad gets hooked up to your system, you shall be able to use the system’s iTunes for sharing different stuff, starting from songs to photos, between an iPad and PC.

iPad To A Computer

Here’s how you can connect an iPad to a computer

By using charger cable

  1. If required, then take out the charger cable’s adapter. You will be able to take out adapter by pulling the base of a connection from adapter till it comes out.
  2. Remember! By chance, the charger cable does not have an adapter in it, then do this step.
  3. You need to plug the USB bottom of the charger into your system.
  4. You need to plug charging bottom of a charger into the iPad. Note that Your phone’s charging port shall be towards its bottom.
  5. Go to iTunes on the system of yours. If by chance, the iTunes does not start by itself, then double press on the symbol of iTunes application.
  6. Note that in case you do not have iTunes downloaded and installed, then the foremost step that should be taken by you is that you need to install it.
  7. Press Trust on the iPad of yours. This shall only get displayed if it is the first time that you are making connect the iPad to the system. Lastly, check that the connection of iPad to your system is successful.
  8. If asked to press on Continue, then you need to tap on the same.

Turning on Wi-Fi synchronization

  1. Firstly, press the symbol of iPad. It shall be present towards the above at the left-hand corner of the iTunes screen. And it shall be displayed in few seconds after it connects to the iPad. Pressing it shall result in opening the iPad’s page.
  2. Then, move downwards of the ‘Options’ part. Note that you shall find it in the mid of the screen.
  3. After that, look ‘Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi’ bar. It shall be close to the part of ‘Options.’ It will make sure that the iPad and the system’s iTunes shall synchronize between them over Wi-Fi till both of them are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Next, press on ‘Apply.’ Look that the grey option is close to the end at the right-hand side corner of the iTunes window. Pressing it applies the changes.
  5. Lastly, press on ‘Done.’

Congratulations! You can now connect your iPad to your PC.

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