How To Connect canon mx922 setup Issue

Canon Mx922 is all in one system inkjet printer that is easily get connected with a wireless connection. Connecting a printer with Wi-Fi connection is very simple task. This blog shows how you can establish Canon Mx922 Setup with simple and few steps supported by Canon printer experts.

Here are things you need while establishing Canon MX922 wireless setup:

  • Wi-Fi enabled computer
  • Wireless router
  • Wireless printer ( Canon MX922)

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Following are different steps that we make for Canon MX922 wireless setup:

Prepare a Connection-

Before starting anything for wireless step, makes sure that your printer is on and your PC is properly connected to wireless connection with which you want to connect your printer too. Keep in mind that printer cannot use wired and wireless connection at same time.

Printer Setup-

  • Click button [A] from printer menu.
  • Use moving buttons to choose WLAN setup option.
  • After selecting WLAN option click button OK.
  • When your Wi-Fi connection is successfully enabled, then a blue light blinks on screen.

Setup Procedure-

Now the printer will automatically search for access point supporting WPS. If your are unsure that your router system supports this technology, press the Stop button. You can use suitable method from the following:

  • For standard Setup- Connect your printer to access point by simply entering network password.
  • WPS Setup- Connect to WPS-compatible access point.
  • Advanced Setup- Connect your printer by entering access point settings on your printer.

Connection Using WPS-

  1. Hold the WPS button on access point.
    2. Click OK button on printer.
    3. Above displayed screen is appeared.
    4. Click OK.

Your printer Canon MX922 is now successfully connected with Wireless network.

By using these steps you can easily connect your printer with Wifi Connection. We hope this blog will helpful to you. You can send us your feedbacks in below comment section.

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