How to Connect Mobile Phones to Sony PS4

Do you want to connect and synchronize your phone to your PlayStation? Well, you can either use the PlayStation Mobile app or access the My PlayStation Service. Moreover, you can also use the Remote Play app for this. To know about it in more detail, keep reading.

Using the PlayStation Mobile App

With the mobile app for PlayStation, one can check out profiles, compare awards, and buy games. The purchased content will automatically get downloaded to the console provided it is on the active or standby mode. One cannot send and receive messages from the app, but it still is very useful. For messaging, the PlayStation Messages app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

1. Download the app

Before you download the PlayStation app on your iPhone or Android device, you must update your device to the recent version of the OS. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then update it to at least 6.0 version. If you are an Android user, then update it to 4.0 version at least. After installing the software update, go to iTunes or Google Play store. In the search option, enter PlayStation and find the app.

Press on the Install button and the app will start getting downloaded on your phone. Open the app when it gets installed. After that, a prompt for signing in to the PSN account will come. Once the users sign in, they will get access to the features of the app such as events, and store.

2. Synchronize the phone with Sony PS4

While the PS4 Second Screen experience was earlier available in the PlayStation app, it can now be accessed through a different app. Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and find the PS4 Search Screen. You can also go to the app store by tapping the PlayStation icon at the lower side of the screen and then select Second Screen. After installation, just launch the app. Now, the users will get automatically signed in with their PSN credentials.

3. Start using the app

Now that the phone is synced to the PS4, users can access a number of features. The Battlefield 4 application allows users to access their PSN friends and their multiplayer statistics while letting them customize their weapons along with the character loadouts on their phones.

Previously, this app allowed users to access the messaging service. However now, to communicate with friends and foes, users have to open the PlayStation Messages app.

How to use My PlayStation service?

In case the users do not wish to use any dedicated app for managing their PlayStation friend list and another app for messaging them, Sony also allows users to access their PSN profiles via the My PlayStation service in mobile browsers. This service was introduced last year, and it allows users to do a lot of stuff. But, it does not let me connect directly with their PlayStation console.

For using this service, users need to sign in using their PSN account at After signing in, they can see their friend list, trophies, and profile. For sending messages to individuals, they need to open their profile and click on Send Message.

How to use PS4 Remote Play?

A month ago, Sony launched another free app named PS4 Remote Play. This app allows iOS users to stream games from their PlayStation console to their iPhones and iPads over Wi-Fi.

It is extremely easy to connect PlayStation 4 via Remote Play. After installing the app, turn on the console. Launch the app and sign in to the PSN account. Find the PS4 via Wi-Fi.

After completing the process, the users shall be able to control their console using their phone completely.

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