How To Connect your HP Printer via WPS Pin?

HP is known for its high-quality printers, which are primarily based on wireless technology. This technology allows users to print documents from any location and at any time. The WPS technology is needed to attach a router to a wireless printer or other electronic devices. To use the Hp printer’s wireless feature, simply link your wireless printer to your computer through a wireless router or a wired network using the WPS Pin. Finding Wps Pin on an HP Printer is easy.

What exactly is a WPS Pin, and why do you need one?

In technical terms, WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup.” This program is used to ensure the reliability of regular wireless networks. The key benefit of WPS is that it Makes The Communication Between The Router And Wireless Devices More Convenient And Quicker. Only Wireless Networks That Use WPA Personal Security Protocols Or WPA2 Personal Standard Encrypted Passwords Will Run This Program. The WPS Button Makes The Linking Process Much Easier To Handle. The WPS Pin Is essential for a variety of reasons.

Connect your HP Printer via WPS Pin

Connect HP Printer Using WPS Pin

Follow these simple steps and connect your devices to the HP printer through the use of the WPS Button. Also, help you in set up an HP printer with WPS pin.

1.Go to your printer’s control panel and then press the Wireless button> Settings button.

2.Touch the WiFi Protected Setup and then follow onscreen prompts.

3.Now you are prompted to PIN, just tap on it. By doing so, WPS PIN will display on the screen.

4.Next, You Have To Access Configuration Utility Or Software For The Wireless Router Or Wireless Access Point. And Then You Have To Enter WPS PIN.

5.Once The Setup Is Complete, You Can Install Network Printer Driver By Opening Printer’S HP Folder In All Programs> Printer Setup & Software.

6.After this, choose the option “Connect a new printer”

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