How to Control Melissa Smart A/C with Amazon Alexa

Now use your small smart assistant to control your Smart A/C. In previous years, ACs have got some new smart technologies. These include voice control, climate control, auto turn on/off, and many advanced features. These Air-conditioners are called smart ACs. These ACs are enabled with connectivity features and can connect with the home network to communicate with your mobile phones or smart speaker like Echo on the same network. With these, you can control your AC with your smart speaker or mobile phones just like a traditional remote. Most of the Smart ACs have their own Alexa Skills or mobile app for different OS. If your AC also comes with its Alexa Skills, then you just need to connect it with your Alexa device. Or else, you can add skills to your Alexa.

If you also have a Smart AC and want to control it with your smart assistant (Voice), then here is how to connect and control them.

How to sync your AC with Amazon Alexa

You need Alexa app to do this, if you have that’s good, go with the below steps. If you don’t have the app, then download the “Alexa app” from “Apps Store or Google Play Store” according to your device. Once the app downloaded on your device, now you can go with the below steps.

Steps to search and enable Alexa skills:

1.    Launch the ‘Alexa app’ on your phone.

2.    Go to the smart home section.

3.    And select ‘Skills’ from the left side panel.

4.    Tap on ‘Skills search bar’ at the top.

5.    Enter your smart AC name (Melissa) into the search bar.

6.    Select the skill (MClimate for Melissa) when you find for yours.

7.    Hit ‘Enable’ button to activate.

That’s it! You have enabled the skill on your Alexa speaker. Now you need to link it with your smart AC.

Steps to connect your smart AC with Amazon Alexa:

After enabling the AC skill, you need to link it with your AC mobile account.

1.    Open the AC skill (MClimate) in Alexa app.

2.    Go to the ‘Sign in’ section.

3.    Enter your account details and sign in.

4.    Authorize Alexa to access your AC (MClimate) account.

5.    Wait for Alexa to connect with your smart AC.

That’s it! Once it is done you can control your smart AC with your Alexa.

How to control your AC with Alexa

Now, you can turn on/ off and adjust the temperature on your AC with your Voice, just ask your Alexa.

To turn on and off your AC:

•    Say “Alexa”, turn [AC name] on.

•    Say “Alexa”, turn [AC name] off.

To adjust temperature on your AC:

•    Say “Alexa”, increase [AC name] by [amount] degrees.

•    Say “Alexa”, decrease [AC name] by [amount] degrees.

•    Say “Alexa”, set the [AC name] to [amount] degrees.

That’s it!

Note: Your smart AC (Melissa) should be online for your Alexa to work. You can control your multiple smart AC with your Amazon Alexa.

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