How to control your children’s online activities using Norton Family Premier?

Norton Setup is a highly renowned and well-established company engaged in developing advanced and endpoint security solutions as well as antivirus software for businesses and consumers. It also offers Norton Family Premier plan to let you monitor all the online activities of your children and also helps your children to access a safe digital world. Other advantages of Norton Family Premier are:

  1. It ensures that your children are accessing to only secure websites
  2. Helps the parents limit the internet usage of their children
  3. Helps the parents monitor every activity of their children
  4. Help you protect your kids’ devices with a single solution
  5. Help your children maintain a balance and healthy habits without taking away their freedom
  6. protect children’s private information and online reputations

Norton Family Premier

Another great thing about thing about this Norton product is available for all the platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. If your kid is using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) you can easily set restrictions to control as well as keep a track of the online activities of your children. To turn on iOS restrictions, you have to simply add the Norton Family to all those applications that use Location Services or Background Application Refresh to work. Moreover, you can also disable Safari as Norton Family doesn’t keep track of this browser when being used by your children for surfing various websites.

You can simply set up restrictions before you allow the access to the iPad or iPhone to your children. For this, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. Go to the Home Screen of the device your child is using
  2. Now, tap Settings -> General -> Restrictions
    • If this feature is turned off, tap Enable Restrictions. Now, set a 4-digit restrictions passcode
    • On the other hand, if the feature is turned on, tap on it and then provide the 4-digit restriction passcode
  3. Now, on the Restrictions screen, visit the Allow section
  4. Turn off Safari Browser as well as Deleting Applications
    • Turning off the Safari browser is necessary as the Norton Family Premier cannot track it. Once turned off, Norton web browser will become the default web browser on that device
    • Turning off Deleting Apps is also required to prevent your child delete applications like Norton Family Premiere itself
  5. Open Allowed Content segment, tap Apps and then tap the age range of your child
  6. Now, Norton will automatically prevent the child from browsing such websites or web pages that are not meant for someone below 12

While setting up these parental controls, if you find an error call customer support team and get an instant resolution.


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