How to Convert a Picture of Data into MS Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft has a tool for Android and iOS users to convert their pictures of data into MS Excel Spreadsheets. With the Insert Data from Picture tool in Excel, you can click a snap of data in columns and rows on a piece of paper. The Android and iOS Excel app will automatically change the image data into an editable table.


The conversion tool for spreadsheet sends the data to Microsoft Excel’s online present image-recognition engine. The engine then proceeds to process and change the words and numbers in the form of a table. The tool can convert up to almost two dozen languages. You get the chance to edit any issues before the data is converted.

The Excel app is a part of the MS Office app available for mobile devices along with PowerPoint and Word. The free of cost versions provide standard editing tools, while the MS Office subscription unlocks features like the ability to merge and collaborate with other colleagues.

To convert photos from the phone into Excel Table Data :

1.      Open the Excel app and press the New button. It will be present at the top and will create a new document. You can either create a plain workbook or choose one of the existing templates.

2.      Press the Data from the picture button, which looks like a 3×3 grid icon with a camera. It is located at the bottom of the app. You will be asked for permissions if this is your first time using Microsoft Online Service.

3.      Fix the red rectangle surrounding the data you wish to capture, and then press the circular capture button. It may take you a few tries to successfully do it if you are not familiar with the app.

4.      After capturing the image, press the red check icon to convert it into Excel data. Tap the cross if you want to capture the picture again.

5.      To fill any missing information, press the red highlighted cell and press Edit. Press Done when you are finished.

6.      When you are happy with the data you have captured, press insert from the top. The data will be added in your workbook.

It does not matter what your data is. It could be numbers, words, lists, or even recipe ingredients. The app is really accurate in capturing data from a piece of paper. It also works on PC screens; however, it did struggle with hand-written details.

The tool for iOS and Android is compatible with 21 languages, which include German, French, Spanish, and much more as stated by Microsoft.

Users’ security is Microsoft’s utmost priority, so they try their best to assure that the data remains secure.

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