How to Convert Negative to Digital and Use of Film Holders?


If you are also having a box of old film negatives lying here & there in your house, why let your precious memories die there when you can preserve them very easily via the most useful advancement of technology: conversion of negative to digital? There are so many ways to do so. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Tips: Convert Negative to Digital

  • Digital camera: If you have a digital camera, then it can be the easiest way for you to convert your negatives to digital. Simply just take your negative & place it in the front of the lens on your digital camera. But make sure that the shiny side, i.e., the emulsion side of the camera is facing the lens properly.
  • Digital converter box: One more way to convert your negatives to digital is by using a digital converter box. These boxes are specifically designed for converting analog media into digital forms. Using a digital converter box is pretty simple: first of all scan the negatives with the help of the scanner provided within the digital converter box. Once the scanning is done, then connect your converter box to a computer, convert your file into a digital picture & save it on your thumb drive as well for future use.
  • Phone/ Tablet camera: The negatives can be converted to digital via phone/ tablet camera as well. You just simply need to take a picture of your negative with the help of your phone/ tablet camera. Then, transfer the picture to your computer and get access to its editing as per your requirements with the help of editing software like PS (Photoshop), GIMP, or something else with which you are familiar.
  • Drum Scanner: The drum scanner can be considered a high-quality converter for scanning negatives. If you are dealing with pictures to be printed at a very large size, then these drum scanners are the best. For using them, simply place your negative on the rotating drum of the scanner and let it scan. After scanning, you might need to convert the file to a positive image as well.
  • Flatbed scanner: One of the easy ways to convert negatives to digital is by using flatbed scanners. Simply place your negative on the scanner bed & scan it like a normal picture. Then choose the highest quality setting possible. Here also, there might be a requirement of converting the file to a positive image after the scanning process in case your software doesn’t provide that feature.

Use of Film Holders

The film holders, being the most important devices in the field of films, are specifically designed to be used for holding the film in a stable position (so that it won’t shake or move). They are used for holding some pieces of photographic film & for inserting them into a camera or some optical scanning device.

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