How to Convince Your Commercial Customers That Indoor LED Lights Are Worth the Investment

Winning new contracts with large commercial facilities like manufacturing businesses, warehouses, and even office buildings can be the bread and butter for commercial electricians. With so many lighting fixtures and bulbs to install, just one years-long project can help keep a company in business.

GDB895EAOne way that commercial electricians can improve their services is by offering and installing LED lighting products. However, it’s no secret that outfitting an entire building with LED lights as opposed to less energy-efficient lighting options typically comes with a higher up-front investment, which might give some clients sticker shock. But in the end, upgrading or OEM-installing LED bulbs and fixtures can help your clients in a variety of ways, and it might be easier than you think to convince them to make the investment.

Better Energy Efficiency

One of the premier advantages of going with LED lights over other types is that they use less energy, which is not only good for the planet but is also good for your client’s balance sheet as well. Depending on the size of the building and how many lights are installed, switching to LED lighting can save companies anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. So, the more LED lights that you install, the more that they will save, as each individual bulb or tube’s savings combines with all of the others. This is especially evident in large manufacturing facilities utilizing a great number of LED high bay lights.

Beyond the savings they’ll see on their electric bills, by switching to LED lights, your clients are also likely eligible for a host of rebates, tax credits, and tax incentives. These can help to cut costs in a variety of ways. Also, LED lights are known to have longer working lives than older, less energy-efficient lighting options, so your clients can save on maintenance costs too.

Better Light = Better Work

While some people might view every light bulb or tube as the same—thinking that as long as it produces light, it’s doing its job—this isn’t at all correct. Switching to LED lighting offers a number of benefits. For one, LED lighting looks better than harsh, bluish, fluorescent lights. When you consider how long workers spend under the same lights every day, it becomes clear how bad lighting can impact their productivity, mood, and health in the long run.

Simply replacing fluorescent lights with a plug and play LED tube light can do wonders in reducing eye strain and headaches, improving productivity, and increasing operational efficiency. And in areas where physical labor takes place, better light makes for a safer work environment for everyone. Let your clients know about this benefit, and they’ll start to imagine how improved productivity could benefit their business.

Lights Backed with a Warranty

Everyone wants to know that those they do business with stand behind their work, so a guarantee is often a must to get the final push to secure their business. Make sure that you shop with a trusted LED lighting provider that offers an unbeatable guarantee, that way you’ll be protected from early burnouts and other malfunctions should they occur. Hyperikon, for example, provides an unlimited five-year warranty on all of their products, which you can offer as your own warranty. If anything ever goes wrong with a Hyperikon bulb or tube you install, get in touch with them—they won’t leave you in the dark.

About Hyperikon

Since their founding in 2010, Hyperikon has established their place in the industry as a premier LED lighting provider. For both commercial and residential lighting, Hyperikon focuses on innovation, sustainability, and ease of use to ensure the best customer experience possible. Since the beginning, Hyperikon has placed a premium on helping every business and customer improve their power efficiency, contributing to greener world and a lower power bill. Check their website for offers on LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED wall pack fixtures, LED street lights, LED barn lights, and LED lighting solutions for every home and business’s needs. Hyperikon proudly holds a great number of U.S. patents and their products feature more than 700 certifications and qualifications.

Find out exactly how bright, warm, efficient, and long-lasting LED lighting is with Hyperikon, at

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