How To Cook a Healthy Lunch Or Dinner With Butter

You may already be looking for a healthy recipe with butter. Well, there are several options available if you decide to search for a recipe with butter. However, the tried and tested classic is Butter Chicken which is one of the most loved dishes throughout the country, particularly in Northern India. You will require close to 6-7 hours for preparing this dish while cooking time could be around an hour. The recipe given will cater to 6 people at a time. In this case, you will be however using Nutralite which is a healthy table spread as an alternative to butter. You can still enjoy your favorite butter chicken while getting good health, fitness and low cholesterol benefits at the same time.

You will require 500 grams of chicken with/without bones, red chilli powder, salt, ginger-garlic powder, a large curd bowl, cumin seeds, green chilies, sugar, salt, ½ cup of fresh onions, 500 grams of tomato puree and the Nutralite Classic table spread. This will be a healthier alternative and will keep the meal light in calories while ensuring that you get a delicious feel at the same time! The preparation procedure and cooking style is quite simple and you can expect to whip up a hearty meal for your family and friends either for lunch or dinner, depending upon your specific preferences.

You will have to mix ginger-garlic paste with red chilli powder, curd and salt in a mixing bowl before mixing in the chicken pieces for marinating the same. This mixture should be refrigerated for a minimum of 7 hours. You will have to then roast your marinated chicken for approximately 15 minutes in the oven and heat two large Nutralite table spread chunks in the pan while adding in tomato puree simultaneously. Sauté this mixture for roughly 2-3 minutes and then put in green chilies, cumin seeds and salt. Add more Nutralite into the mixture along with marinated chicken, green chilies, fresh cream and some sugar as per your own taste. Let them all cook together for roughly 5-8 minutes until the chicken is perfectly cooked. Just add one spoon of Nutralite for the chicken curry prior to serving.

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