How to Create a Filter in Yahoo Mail

How to Create a Filter in Yahoo Mail

Every day, we receive a large number of emails out of which some are useful while some only add to the already existing clutter. Hence, organizing your email account is very important and the same is the case with Yahoo email. The great thing is Yahoo has its inbuilt filters that allow its users to set aside the incoming emails into their matching folders. This will help you to keep your important emails aside and prevent them from getting lost among all other emails. In the same way, you can put the unwanted emails in the junk or spam folder.

For any help and support to make your Yahoo email account more organized, call at the Yahoo support number.

You can also go through the given ways to create a more organized look for your Yahoo email account.

1. Creating folders

• Firstly, sign in to your Yahoo email account.
• On the left panel, click on the ‘Folders’ menu to see all your folders. Then click on the icon beside it to create a new folder.
• Next, you have to give a name to the folder created and the name should be able to describe a little about the contents of the folder. In the same way, you can add more folders to your Yahoo account.

2. Creating filters

• Go to the ‘Settings’ icon and click on it.
• Select ‘Settings’ from the list and click on ‘Filters’ option.
• Now, select ‘Add’ to add a new filter to your inbox. Then, enter the filter name and its type.
• Select the folder where the emails will be delivered or you can create a new folder as explained above
• Click ‘Save’ to save the new filter you have created.

This is how you can de-clutter your Yahoo email account and give it a structured view. Creating a new filter will affect the new emails only and not the existing ones. After creating filters, check the particular folder for the type of mail you want. By creating filters you can prioritize your important emails or which are urgent for you.

In case you are going through any sort of confusion while creating filters for your Yahoo account then make sure to contact us via Yahoo technical support number. We are available round the clock to help you handle the issues with Yahoo without wasting much energy and efforts.

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