How to Create a Spa-Like Experience Without Spa-Like Prices

Indulging in a few hours at a spa is one of the most luxurious ways you can spend an afternoon. Relax and escape into a tranquil oasis replete with subtle aromatherapies, melodic harmonies, and healing treatments.

vitamin e lotion-1There’s good reason to take time for self-care. A cleansing body scrub, relaxing soak, or sumptuous face mask can reduce muscle tension, flush out toxins, remove dead skin, and increase blood circulation, revitalizing both your mind and body.

Unfortunately, an afternoon at a spa can also come with a hefty price tag, depending on the services enjoyed and added on. However, with luxurious skin care products from Camille Beckman, you can capture the tranquility of a luxury spa in your own home and skip the spa-like prices.

With a few aromatherapy candles, your favorite soaks, soothing moisturizers, and perhaps a glass of wine, you can easily transform your bathroom into an oasis that rivals a spa.

Step One: Lavish Your Skin in a Luxurious Soak

There is no better way to slip into a peaceful state of serenity than with a long soak. Camille Beckman’s Full Relaxation Bath Soak™ with Epsom salt can ease your mind and body with a nourishing blend of essential oils, healing salts, and soothing powdered coconut milk. Handmade in small batches with hemp oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, a long soak with this product will nourish both your mind and body.

If you’re looking for a full-service spa experience, seek out a spa kit that offers a complete line of products to cleanse, treat, and moisturize. A high-quality spa kit should come with a variety of hand and body lotions, shower gels, and bath accessories. Look for a spa kit featuring luxury fragrances reminiscent of the beach, rosewater, cucumbers, orange cream, or an enticing blend like blackberry lavender. Look for a spa kit that includes diverse products to create the head-to-toe spa experience, including hand lotion, body cream, shower gel, a pumice stone, and mesh bath sponge.

Step Two: Replenish Your Skin with Deluxe Moisturizers

After a long soak, treat your skin to a hydrating layer of soothing body cream. A body cream made with sustainably sourced sweet almond oil and a vegan and gluten-free formula is a perfect way to replenish dry skin. An ultra-hydrating product with these ingredients will help to ease the aging process and reduce the appearance of scarring or stretch marks.

If you need even more moisture, try a gentle vitamin E lotion that rejuvenates and heals sensitive skin, and is free of phthalates and gluten. Look for one with soothing ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E, for a lotion that will hydrate skin without causing irritation.

Step Three: Keep Skin Feeling Fresh with Perfumed Body Powders

Cap off an afternoon of self-care with a light dusting of perfumed body powder. Body powder regulates moisture, leaving your skin feeling clean, silky, and smooth.

Look for perfumed body powders in diverse and decadent fragrances reminiscent of honey, gardenias, mangos, vanilla, or oriental spice. A high-quality body powder will be formulated with ingredients such as potato starch, oat protein, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lemon fruit extract, and St. John’s wort to soothe the skin and leave you feeling fresh long after you finish your soak.

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