How to Create a Strong Password

It’s quite usual you, know, anywhere online whether it is your mail, social media accounts or, online banking account. When you create an account, you need to get a strong password for your account. We all want to keep it private. So we need to choose something hard to guess, and it should be easy for you to remember as well. Here are tips for creating a strong password.

 A. Explaining the basics steps.

  • You need to choose something hard to find or guess. Don’t use words, phrases, and something that is important to you – like putting a password on your birthday or your girlfriend’s name. That can be easily guessed, so try to avoid them.
  • Never tell anyone your password.
  • You need to add both long and short alphabets to your password. Choose something that has both short and long alphabets while setting up your password.
  • Use numbers and alphabets both. As step number 3 says about keeping both long and short words, now add numbers to those. It will automatically create something hard to guess.
  • Keep some differences in the passwords for your different accounts. You need to put some changes in your passwords for every account.

B. Examples for choosing secure passwords

Here are some samples to apply the aforementioned suggestions.

  1. Switch words for your password.

Try to switch up the alphabets in your password. Example: your name is john, now change it to jo or Jon. You can also reciprocate your name like nhoj. It is just an example; you can choose any name that is easy for you to remember.

  • Never share your password

As discussed above, you should never share your password with anyone.

  • Add both alphabets and words in your passwords.

Now with john, you can use nhoj (as explained above) nhoj+ your vehicle registration number or your house number, for example, nhoj3561, now the password will look like nhoj3561.

  • Use both long and short alphabets.

You should try to add both long and short characters in your passwords. Example: nhoj3561(our password), now nhoj can be changed to NHoj or njOJ . Our password is now NHoj3561.

  • Keep a difference in every password.

Never use the same password for every account you own. Keep a small difference. Example: NHoj3561 is your password for Gmail. Now for Facebook, change the last digit of the earlier password, examples: NHoj3562 will be your password for Facebook.

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