How to Create a Virtual Machine on a Pendrive

You can operate more than one operating system on a computer. While a single OS per device is sufficient, you can boot one more operating system for security purpose, testing reasons, etc.  You can set up a virtual PC on your pendrive. Here’s how to create a Virtual Machine on a Pendrive.

Install an Operating System on your PC to Make a Virtual Machine on a Pendrive

•    Select a configuration for a USB device. If you wish to create a virtual machine on the pendrive, then you have to go through the things given below:

1.    NT6 Fast Installer.

2.    Windows 7 DVD or ISO image file.

3.    8GB USB storage device.

4.    Microsoft WALK software.

•    You need to start downloading the Windows Automated Installation KIT (WALK) in case you are using Windows 7. You have to click on the “click here” option to start its downloading process.

•    Star installing the Windows Automated Installation Kit on the computer. Go to the StartCD.exe file to begin the installation procedure.

•    Tap on the Windows AIK setup button. You will get this button on the left-hand column of the Windows 7 screen.

•    Press on the Next button given on the Window Automated Installation Kit window.

•    Accept the terms and conditions mentioned on display for the installation procedure. Press on the “I Agree” button and after that, choose the “Next” option.

•    Choose the installation folder mentioned on the screen. You should not change this default option. Choose the folder where you wish to save the installed setup.

•    Press on the Next button near the Back option.

•    Verify the installation procedure of an operating system on the computer. Tap on the Next button.

•    Now, you have to finish its installing process. After completing the installation process, you need to tap on the Close button.

•    You have to download the program. Press on the Download button given in the top left-hand side of the display.

•    Choose the NT6_Fast_Installed.cip by going to the download drop-down menu.

•    Start extracting .zip files in Windows. You need to right-click on the zip file and after that, choose the Extract to NT6_Fast_Installer/ option.

•    You have to right-click on the Installer. cmd setup and after that, choose the Run as Administrator option. Now, you will get the command window on the screen.

•    Click on the Enter button.

•    Click on any button to select the install.wim setup.

•    Choose the install.wim setup by going to the Windows 7 compact disk.

•    Select an operating system image characters.

•    Select the USB device letter for installing an operating system on the computer.

•    Choose the hard drive.

•    Select to start installing an operating system on the USB flash drive.

•    Click on the Enter button.

•    Start booting your computer.



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