How to Create and use Twitch Clips

When you see the moment to capture, click the Clip button. By default, a movie will be created showing approximately 25 seconds before pressing the Clip button and five seconds after pressing the Clip button.

how to make twitch clip

  • A new tab will appear, and the movie will be ready in a few seconds. You can pause and resume the clip or loop it.
  • You can give the clip your own name if you want. If you do not, the name of the clip will be generated based on the title of the broadcast. Do not forget to click “Save” and save your changes.
  • Did you fail to capture the perfect moment? This is not a problem, thanks to the clip cropping function, you can simply press the edit button to crop the clip to at least ten seconds or increase the length of the clip to sixty seconds. In addition, when editing, you will see the last ninety seconds of the broadcast or movie, which saves you from having to guess when to make the clip.
  • When you finish editing the clip, click Publish to save the changes. Then you will be taken to the preview page.
  • By clicking on the “Share” button, you can copy the link to the clipboard or immediately share the clip in various social networks. When you share the video, your friends will be able to watch the recorded broadcast from the end of the clip or immediately go to the broadcast and chat.
  • To delete the created clip, click the gear icon on the clip playback page and select “Delete Clip”.

On the clip page, your Twitch identifier appears at the top, and the sender’s name, the name of the broadcast game, and the name of the broadcast are displayed below the video.

Clips are also integrated with chat, channel activity and heart rate, so when sharing a clip, a link to it is displayed in the form of a thumbnail containing additional information about the clip. It’s also one of the best way to promote twitch channel.


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