How to create content? There are already AI detectors

The automatism of content creation has an enemy, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) detectors or ai content detector created to discover it. Automated text creators are getting better and better and sometimes it’s hard to tell if a text was generated by an AI or a human. This is because the developers work on reducing and eliminating the detected errors.

Currently, there is even artificial intelligence that creates art, although the truth is that it is impossible for it to replace artists. And we can affirm this because the original point of view of an artist and the feeling that he imprints on a work cannot be emulated by a robot.

Also, ChatGPT detector software has shown that they can make mistakes or even create fake news. So, as the creators of artificial text advance, so do the detectors.

Artificial intelligence for content creation

GPT technology or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a system that uses artificial intelligence to generate content. It was created in 2019 by the OpenAI company, a technology research company that had Elon Musk as its main driver. Furthermore, GPT technology has already reached the fourth generation, the GPT-4, but AI detectors have not been left behind.

When a person wants to write with artificial intelligence, they only have to resort to GPT in any of its versions. Then he only has to enter the necessary information and the software does all the work. This tool can organize information, link ideas and use a predictive text system.

In addition, this system can not only create informative texts, but also poetry, dialogues, cooking recipes, or scientific articles. But like any other system, it also fails. For example, the system can create false and even inaccurate information, since it cannot verify the information it generates.

Beating AI with AI detectors:

AI detector tools are on the rise right now. However, AI detectors are evolving to check if a text was generated by an AI or a person.

So, if you’re a teacher and you want to make sure your students aren’t doing their homework with artificial intelligence, you already have valuable resources. Or if you prefer that a skilled editor create the contents of your website because you do not want to be penalized by Google, AI detectors will help you take care of yourself and ensure the quality of the work commissioned.

Today, there are several ai checker tools available on the internet that you can use easily to detect the AI content.

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