How to Create Interactive Content

Content creation is a very challenging task these days. Content is everywhere. But why some content can create engagement while some don’t. In today’s content-saturated world, static content is almost dead. Interactive content is winning these days. Interactive content is digital content that creates engagement with the user. Some of the great examples of interactive content are assessments, games, calculators, infographics, interactive charts, quizzes and poles, configurators, and more.

This article will mention five types of easy to create interactive content to boost your engagement.


Calculators are just not meant for solving maths problems, but to generate quality leads as well. Using a calculator, a customer can determine the cost of any product, enabling them to make an independent buying decision. Calculators are also a cost-efficient tool that saves you a lot of time and workforce. Calculators can be used as interactive content as people engage with it and make the buying decision. As per Calconic, web calculator builders claim that calculators have a 40-50% conversion rate.

Interactive Emails

According to Wistia, emails with video thumbnails generate more engagement. However, not everyone can make videos because of budget limitations. If you cannot use video thumbnails, then an image rollover can be a great option. You can also opt for revealing techniques for promotions and discounts. This technology is similar to the psychology behind scratch-off lottery tickets.


Quizzes are everyone’s favorites. According to a study by Kissmetrics, quizzes are the most shared content on Facebook. Quizzes create a sense of curiosity among your audience, and they engage more with quizzes rather than flat text. is a fantastic tool to generate quizzes. It offers various interactive content, like chatbots and assessments.

Use Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way of converting the flat text into a visual. Infographics are easy to consume, and they also make your data more compelling. According to Demand Gen Report, infographics increase the website traffic by 20%. You can use various tools like, to create interactive infographics.

White Papers

White papers are a great way to establish yourself as an authority on a specific industry or topic. However, the complex nature of white papers can bore the audience and can induce passive reading. To make white papers more interactive, you can add a quiz, assessments, and infographic to spice things up a little. You can use various services to create dynamic whitepapers.


Interactive content educates your buyer more than the static content. You can use a variety of online tools to generate interactive content in minutes. The statistics of interactive content are attractive, but the most crucial step here is to find out the topic of your content. If you are equipped with the right set of topics and tools, then you can generate interactive content in no time.

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