How to Create Riches with Niches

Most lawyers have no idea that they should be creating a niche practice, much less how to make it happen. But this will get you way ahead of the curve and can begin reaping the benefits that law firms who have leveraged a niche market are enjoying now. Increased Revenue. Market Domination. Higher Value Cases.

The broadcast is now starting. All attendees are in listen only mode. Well, hello everyone. This is Ken Hardison and welcome to another monthly Pyrmont webinar. And today we’re going to talk about something that I’ve never really delved into before and call it riches in niches. Um, here’s what I’m seeing. A lot of you’re probably 80% of our listeners probably are doing car accidents and that’s what they want to do.

Uh, but in a zeal to try to acquire as many classes as possible. Okay. They try to serve the widest market possible is what I’m saying is I know that we’ve got mastermind members. I know we’ve got gold members and I let her some people in here that are not members, but you try to be everything to everybody. And, uh,

that’s good and that’s bad, but it’s really as bad because, uh, then you’re really not standing yourself out. You’re not, you don’t have any uniqueness and you don’t feel that you can say in many stakes that you’re a specialist. You can be board certified. Of course. Yeah. You want to, I think with the growing competition and just all of access,

I was on like a consult last week and one this week and all they wanted with car wrecks in a, and here’s the problem. And I see this in our mastermind and everywhere, the competition for these corporate cases, uh, or getting more and more costly. What I mean by that is the cost per case acquisition cost is going up dramatically. That’s what pay-per-click,

that’s what TV, uh, S with everything. So there’s two ways to look at this. One thing is if you kind of, well, I am unique and I am niche. I’m doing nothing, but car Ricks, then maybe you need to sub ditch. And we’re going to talk about this today. Um, in ways you can do it and then maybe do one sub niche that didn’t really dominate your market.

And that sub niche then made me go do another sub niche. But I think, and we’ve so half of the first I got 63 slides, the first 31 slides are going to be in general about niching the last 30. I’m going to show you something that we’ve actually done here at Pymble with a new program that we’ve been running about a year, that we’ve niched out and show you how successful it can be.

Um, so that you can see that it can work, that this is all stuff, and this is not pie in the sky. This can come up with some theory. You know, I’m not all about the height. I like to give you the stuff that really works practical, real, proven, tested, uh, examples of where they get cases,

the way to build your practice, the way to build your law firm. So like I said, I think this is a huge mistake. Either way you go, or if you try to be everything to everybody, or you just sat and it’s going to do corporate cases, and that’s it, I think both of them is a huge mistake, but here’s where I see a lot of lawyers.

Some of them less, they will, you know, will be missing out on potential clients. And that’s true and not true. What I’m saying is they think that the theory is you go wide, you have a better chance to acquire more class. Um, and it’s kind of counter intuitive, but really you kind of don’t, uh, it’s like somebody doing pay-per-click.

I see this all the time. And if you’re doing it, this is, this is going to be a free tip. That has probably nothing to do what we’re talking about today. But I see them doing PaperClick marketing and they’re actually making, when somebody puts on their ad clicks on their ad, it goes to their homepage, or just go to a general personal injury page,

which is the kind of money you’re spending. But pay-per-click, that’s crazy. That’s a waste of money. You need to have a, I think you need to have a landing page specifically for that deal. If you’re advertising for car accidents, you need to have it landing page. If you’re advertising for slip and falls or nursing homes, you need to have a landing page,

but at least in them to your party, your website, the section that covers that until you can get one done, because here’s the other reason you really want to do a landing page, you can do a B split testing and sequence. And this constantly do that to see where you just change one thing and have them both the same, but maybe change the headline or maybe change the color of the click here or whatever.

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