How to Create Simple SwiftUI Animations

If you’re already familiar with UIKit, you’ve certainly come across animations.

Animations are an easy way to show users the functionality hidden behind a beautiful wrapper.

Animations are quite an important part of any application because it draws users’ attention. An animation is simply a collection of images that are repeated at high speed, but animations can set your application apart.

There are many types of animations in UIKit. Some take a lot of time and resources and are quite difficult to implement.

Of course, there are a huge number of third-party libraries (pods) for creating animations, but nevertheless native development is much more effective and makes it possible to protect against unforeseen situations (for example, the impossibility of customization or crashes).
SwiftUI provides a powerful encapsulated mechanism for creating animations without using third-party resources.

In this article, we’ll briefly look at the animations in SwiftUI and will create a simple animation as an example.
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