How to Create Wireless Hotspot in Windows 10

Do you often need a mobile hotspot? For instance, you are a cafe whose WiFi network limits the number of connections. Or else you are hosting a party and do not wish to share your WiFi password with a number of people. Whatever the reason may be, you will be happy to know that Windows 10 computers can be transformed into hotspots.

Windows 10 computers can be used for hosting a wireless hotspot. The operating system comes with inbuilt support for hotspots (WiFi and Bluetooth). If your computer has the necessary hardware, then you can connect a number of devices to the hotspot.


Windows 10 device needs to be equipped with a WiFi adapter along with a broadband connection. Broadband can be either via Ethernet or WiFi. Users may also transform their desktop computers into a hotspot using a compatible USB wireless adapter.

Setting up a hotspot

For configuring the hotspot, users need to launch Settings, and then click on Network and Internet. Move to the pane and click on the Mobile hotspot.

To get started, click on the network adapter. If you are using a desktop, then select the Ethernet port. Tablet users can click on the LTE connection.

After that, you need to choose if you wish to host the hotspot via WiFi or Bluetooth. Usually, Bluetooth should be chosen. However, not all devices support WiFi. If you want to use the net heavily, then opt for WiFi.

Now, you can tweak the hotspot’s username and password. Click on Edit for making the changes. The network name displays when you scan for available networks. Ensure that the password is strong and sturdy for preventing any unauthorized access.

You can click on Turn on Remotely for making the OS turn on the hotspot when you want. Client devices can ask the hotspot to get enabled, even when it is turned off in Windows settings. However, for this to work, the devices need to be connected via Bluetooth. Moreover, you need to have a compatible;e device, such as smartphones running Windows 10.

At last, turn on the Share my internet connection button. Now, your hotspot will get activated. Wait for a couple of seconds, and scan the available networks on your other device. The hotspot connection will appear. Tap on it and enter the password when asked.

When you connect with a Windows 10 gadget, then the hotspot shall appear in the networking menu located in the tool tray. Click on the WiFi option at the lower right-hand corner. After that, the list of available networks will appear. Click on the hotspot network. For establishing the connection, type the password, and hit Enter.

When the hotspot is enabled, you can opt for the Power saving mode. It enables the OS to power off the hotspot automatically when not devices are connected to it for a chunk of time. This helps in not only saving the power but also cuts down the security risks involved in making the hotspot public.

The hotspot can be disabled whenever you want, and after that, the connected devices will get disconnected. The Settings app need not be opened. Click on the Quick Action tile from the Action Center. Or else, hit Windows + A for opening the Action Centre and select Mobile hotspot for turning it off.

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