How to deal with the garbage generated by Love Doll

The most common sex dolls on the market are divided into TPE and silicone. The lover doll is TPE material and has a built-in metal frame. TPE material is recyclable plastic, and metal is dry waste and can be disposed of separately. Abandoned Love Doll go through a series of procedures before they can be disposed of, which is not easy.

If you throw the Sex Doll straight into the trash bag, you’ll frighten the finder and lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, before discarding it, you can use scissors to cut the Love Doll to the size of a fist and throw it into the garbage bag. The built-in metal frame can be handled by force and bending.

How to properly handle sex dolls

Although an ordinary Sex Doll weighs about 20 to 30 kilograms, it is difficult for people to move it because it is similar in size to a human, but it cannot be as mobile as a human being. If a sex doll is to be handled properly, it should be clear that it is a real doll, not a real person.

If your place is open enough, you can call the uncle who is collecting the trash and take the Sex Doll before dismembering it. Dolls are a big deal when it comes to garbage collection, and they cost money. What do you think of real dolls?

If your Sex Doll is not damaged, you’d better put it on the second-hand trading platform. If someone buys it better, it can not only realize the secondary utilization of resources but also exchange for income, which is very worth doing. matter. But you must pay attention to disinfection. It is best to sell to people who need fake models, not to people who want to solve their sexual needs. Lovedollshops does not advocate buying second-hand Sex Dolls for private entertainment.

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