How to deal with unwanted Sex Doll

No matter how you take care of your Love Dolls, they have an expiration date and no matter how much we love Sex Dolls, we have to say goodbye to them. So what should we do with these expired Sex Dolls?

Sell or give her away

If your Love Doll is just out of date and you want a new one, then I suggest you can sell or give it away. After all, buying a Sex Doll isn’t cheap, not everyone can afford the latest Tpe Sex Doll, and it’s a way to bring old things to their value.

Having said that, I do understand the concerns about previously owned dolls. A second-hand Sex Doll purchased by a new owner may have other uses, and it is unlikely that an individual will use it to address physiological needs. Just post some pictures of the doll on used platforms and ask if anyone wants it and I’m sure people will pm you soon.

Dump in the trash

When we receive the package, it is not whole, so when we want to throw it away, it is best to also dismember it at the major joints, separate its head from the torso, and put it in a separate bag. Use a contractor package. Dispose of it like taking out the trash. Just some extra crap, that’s all.

Bury Sex Doll

Have a proper funeral, as you would a loved one. Give her a nice funeral by some trees. It takes all night, but it’s the right thing to do. There may be state laws that prohibit burying plastic products because they may leach into groundwater. So check to see if your state has any laws that prohibit it.

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