How to decide on the Right Canvas Head (Wig Blocks) for Wigmaking

Canvas heads also referred to as wig blocks come in assorted sizes from promising small to large and the easiest method to discover what size canvas head model you need to select is as simple as calculating the circumference of your head.

How you can measure your personal head?

Begin with the circumference. This measures the space around your hairline.

Utilizing a fabric tape-measure, start in front center of the hairline, bring the tape around for your nape, and look out onto your hairline.

Mark in which the tape ends, and employ the chart above to determine how big you’re.

Ear to Ear

Start the tape at one ear, take it across your hairline, and prevent in the other ear. Make reference to the chart above.

This measurement is an essential one. If you’re not sure your size, in line with the other figures, always pass your ear-to-ear measurements.

Brow to Nape

This measures the duration of your brow towards the nape. To find out in which the nape of the neck is, slightly lookup and put your finger around the bend. Where your neck bends and also the skin folds, is how your nape is.

You will need the foot of the wig to sit down above el born area to ensure that whenever you move your head back that far, your wig won’t move ahead your head.

Put the tape on the middle of your hairline, bring the tape atop of the head, and lower towards the nape.

In case your circumference falls in-between two sizes, then it is advisable to select the next bigger size. The tiniest size canvas head is nineteen and also the largest dimensions are 25.

The reasons you don’t want to go smaller sized happens because you will not have room for padding the canvas head. Padding the canvas comes once you have designed a template of the head using saran wrap and tape. Once you have made your template and you’re prepared to pin web site towards the canvas head, you have to stuff the canvas with cotton to complete your template before you decide to pin web site lower towards the canvas.

I understand this may seem confusing however i demonstrates how this is accomplished in another publish. Meanwhile, recall the tips pointed out about buying your canvas head which i pointed out above. Additionally you may want to have sizes of canvas heads on hands if you’re planning on making wigs for other people. You won’t want to make use of your canvas head once it’s stuffed, so it is best to keep yours separate and modify another one for purchasers.

Canvas Heads usually cost between $39 to $69. You can find this exact in various sizes for $39.


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