How to Decompress Gz Files on Windows and Mac

Gz folder consists of compressed gzip files which require to be decompressed in order to be accessed. It can be done using different programs. If you are looking for means to decompress your Gz files for your Windows or Mac computer, then refer to the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Windows Computer

  • First, install the “7-Zip” software on your Windows computer. It is an open source software so you can use it for free.
  • Once completing your 7-Zip download, users will have to launch “Start Menu” by hitting the “Win” key from their keyboard.
  • Now select the “Open File Explorer” option and then launch the folder which has the Gz folder stored by browsing through system folders.
  • After that, choose the “Home” button from the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Then users will have to select the “Copy path” option from the “Clipboard” panel.
  • Now users will have to choose the 7-Zip icon, which is similar to black and white “7z”.
  • After that, choose the “7-Zip address bar” which is adjacent to the 7-Zip window.
  • Then use the “Ctrl + V” to place the directory of the Gz folder inside the address bar after that hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Doing so will redirect you to the contents of the Gz folder.
  • Now choose the folder logo from the upper left corner. This would select all the files that you wish to decompress.
  • Then users will have to select the “Extract” option and after that, choose the location where they wish to save the extracted files.
  • Now select the “OK” option to initiate the conversion process.

By going through the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily extract their Gz files and view them on their Windows computer. If you are looking for some means to convert Gz files on your Mac computer, then you can refer to the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Mac Computer

  • Users will first have to download the “Unarchiver” application from the App Store and install it on to their Mac system.
  • Now launch the Unarchiver app by using the spotlight application from your device.
  • Then select the “Archive Formats” button from the upper side of the Unarchiver panel.
  • After that users will have to mark the “Gzip File” and “Gzip Tar Archive” checkbox.
  • Now launch the “Finder” app from the Dock of your Mac.
  • Then head to the targeted Gz folder that you wish to decompress.
  • After that, the user will have to select the designated location where they wish to save their extracted files.
  • Finally, choose the “Extract” button from the lower left corner.

By following the steps mentioned above, a user can ascertain safe and proper extraction of Gz files for viewing on Mac. Hopefully, users will now be able to decompress their Gz extension folders on their Windows and Mac computers.


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