How to Defeat Redstone Monstrosity Boss in Apocalypse Difficulty of Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a well-known ARPG game where a total of 8 bosses exist. Half of the bosses are considered tough, and half of them are weaklings. Weaklings are mini-bosses that also need to be killed in order to move further in the game. All the main bosses are located in different locations, and they all require different strategies and patterns of attack to defeat. However, if you are playing on Apocalypse difficulty, so you need to be accurate about your attack patterns and strategy. Among all these bosses, Redstone Monstrosity is a tough boss who is also the main boss of the game. You need to face it before the battle with Arch-Illager, who is also the toughest boss of the game.

What is Redstone Monstrosity in Minecraft Dungeons?

You can find Redstone Monstrosity on Fiery Forge who is stunningly strong, but you will face it before the battle with Arch-Illager. You will find this boss uses several different types of attacks and have a quite distinct look. While the battle with the boss, you will also find that it is one of the most interesting bosses you will battle in a while. Redstone Monstrosity is not like any other boss, and it is completely on its own.

This colossal deadly boss has three prime attacks, and these attacks can damage you brutally at the time of the battle. Redstone Monstrosity can easily crush you with its punch of dual-fisted, and this move will hurt you so badly. On the other hand, you also have to tackle another attack which is explosive fireballs. This attack has a limited range that can only damage close to medium range of area, so you need to keep your distance when Redstone Monstrosity is about to use it. Don’t get too close when Redstone Monstrosity uses the fireball attack. Dodging this attack is pretty tough, and if mistakenly takes this attack; you will be wiped out from the field.

Another major attack of Redstone Monstrosity is summoning minions that are in the shape of Redstone cubes. Redstone Monstrosity will crouch down, and then it will light up but not to place the mines like Redstone Golems, but it will summon the minions to attack those players who attack them. Killing the Redstone cubes isn’t tough, but their rapidly increasing numbers and nuisance are the worst of them all. So keep attacking what comes in the way.

How to Defeat Redstone Monstrosity?

When you battle against Redstone Monstrosity, you need to know the right time to attack it and when you need to back off to avoid getting damage. For the range players, things could be easy, but they need to be careful against the Redstone cubes.

Range-Focused Players

If you use a weapon like a bow, then you could have some advantages on the battlefield. You can do attacking from a distance and staying away from Redstone Monstrosity. Attacking from a distance is an advantage for you, but it can also be considered as your weakness if you are low on arrows. The armour and health of Redstone Monstrosity is so big that it is hard to break from a distance. You can put damage on Redstone Monstrosity if you have a huge amount of arrows.

Keep your distance from Redstone Monstrosity and fight back if you carry enough arrows in your pocket. To fight against Redstone cubes, just use the melee weapons run in a wide area when Redstone Monstrosity releases explosive fireballs.

Melee-Focused Players

Melee type players need to keep patience to avoid quick attacks on Redstone Monstrosity. You can cause great damage if you are a melee-focused player because there is a moment that needs to be captured to make your move. During the period of Redstone Monstrosity crouch, you need to get close to it and keep attacking it. It will summon the Redstone cubes but don’t stop attacking it until it is completely ready to attack you. One more thing is that you can increase your attack speed and moment speed which is going to help you a lot. You need to get close to Redstone Monstrosity and take your chance to put great damage on Redstone Monstrosity.

Souls-Focused Players

Soul focused players are the best match against Redstone Monstrosity. In battle, you will have some great advantages if you keep patience. In the battlefield, you literally don’t have to worry about collecting the souls because Redstone cubes will do it for you. Redstone Monstrosity regularly summons the Redstone cubes, and you load the gear with this. Maximize the soul gathering and use the artifacts power similarly to Corrupted Beacon. It affects the large size and slow-moving enemies like Redstone Monstrosity a lot. Corrupted Beacon is perfect for a quick blast, and that is why it is also a preferred tool for many players.

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