How to Delete App Icons in Mac’s Dock

The Dock’s motive is to provide an easy method to start your favourite applications. Mac’s dock offers you an animated taskbar, and it comes with the latest version of the Mac operating system.

When we move an arrow with the Dock, then the icons appear on a large screen, and it makes a different result. You will find this Dock on the right or left sides or at the end of the display. You can also hide the icons in the Dock.


You can change the icons sizes, and the amount of magnifying can also be adjusted. You will find Dock is a safe place to put all your applications here which you want to use on your daily basis.

This dock will show the three most used applications which are in the Dock and a file for the things you install from the Internet.

Steps for Deleting the Dock icons in MacOS Mojave:

•    Leave the application, in case you have already opened it. In case you want to delete any file, you don’t have to shut down the file, but if you do this, then this will be a great idea.

•    Press and move the item’s icon in the Dock on your screen. When you move that icon outside from the Dock, you will find a delete menu list.

•    You can leave your mouse or click “Trackpad” option.

Steps for Deleting the Dock icon on MacOS X Lion:

•    Stop the app, in case it has opened on your screen. In case you are clearing your files, then it is not compulsory to select that file, but if you do this, then this will be better.

•    Tap the item’s icon in the dock on your system. When the icon moves outside from the Mac Dock, you can stop using your mouse or press “Trackpad” tab.

•    You will find that this icon had deleted automatically.

Steps for Deleting the Dock icon on MacOS X Mountain Lion:

Apple comes with a new feature of pulling a Dock icon in MacOS X Mountain Lion. You will find the steps listed below same as the above steps, but little different from other versions of Mac.

•    In case you are operating an app, then you should stop that application before moving to further steps.

•    Go to the icon of the Mac Dock item you like to delete.

•    Press the icon given on your screen.

•    You will find a little puff of smoke coming from the Dock icon of that item which you have dropped outside the Mac Dock.

•    After having a small puff of smoke option, you can leave your mouse or click the “Trackpad” tab.

•    The items in the Mac Dock get removed. This minor delay will quickly help you to delete all the Dock icons and this can occur when you were clicking the mouse while navigating the cursor above the Dock. It can also happen when you accidentally release the mouse while during the process of changing the icon’s location in the Mac’s Dock.

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