How to Delete Incompatible Mac Applications

After upgrading the Mac to Mac operating system Catalina, you might have observed that few of the application doesn’t work at all from then onwards. For fixing such issues, you need to go through this blog carefully.

Removing Mac device applications

Whenever you get an application to the Mac device of yours, you do have some ways to remove it.

  • Launch the Applications folder as well as move the application to the Trash.
  • Launch the Launchpad, choose as well as hold the application, press the X.

Few of the applications comes with an Uninstaller. For not having that, the files comprise needs using the tool that has been offered.

Launching the Library

  1. Firstly, launch Finder.
  2. Then, press on Go.
  3. After that, press on the Library. It will be situated on the menu.
  4. Next, tap on Go to Folder.
  5. Then, put ~/Library.
  6. Next, launch the Applications Support.
  7. After that, browse or find for any things related to the application that you have uninstalled. Put it to the Trash.
  8. Then, clear the Trash of yours.
  9. Lastly, restart the Mac device of yours.

Searching other incompatible applications

Searching 32-bit applications with Finder

  1. Firstly, launch Finder.
  2. Next, press the combination of Command+F.
  3. After that Search, choose This Mac.
  4. Then, press on Other in the pull-down menu.
  5. Put a mark on the bar for Executable Architectures.
  6. Next, press the OK.
  7. After that pull-down box, choose Is.
  8. Into the text box, put i369.
  9. Then, press the + symbol located in the right hand for adding another criteria part.
  10. Next, select Executable Architectures one more, in the after pull-down selection Is Not this time.
  11. Into a writing area, put x36,64.

Searching 32-bit applications via System Report

  1. Firstly, press the Apple symbol. It will be situated in the menu bar.
  2. Then, select About This Mac.
  3. After that, tap on the System Report.
  4. Next, whenever the report is launched, move downwards till Software on the left-hand side.
  5. Then, press on Applications.
  6. Note that you shall be able to view a column in the right-hand side stating 64-Bit (Intel), which depicts the app is 64-bit with just a ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’
  7. If you don’t comprise the column in the System Report, you shall still be able to view this data by choosing a thing in the list as well as seeing its data. It is an option.

Why upgrade to Mac Catalina?

Whenever you are planning for upgrading the Mac device of yours, note that the installer shall offer you with a notification for those applications which will need an updating after you are done installing Catalina. Over there, you shall be having an option of Continue or else Cancel the upgrade during that time.

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