How to Delete TweakBox App from your iOS

There are a number of users out there who aren’t too pleased with credibility and the performance of TweakBox. Some users feel that programs downloaded via Tweakbox APK are contaminated and may inject viruses into their devices.

So like users are currently looking to delete the TweakBox app. So as to help users that are such I am sharing a tutorial which can help you to learn that How to Delete TweakBox App from your iOS device.

Delete TweakBox App on the iOS Device

Here’s the tutorial part That Is describing all the Probable methods on the market to delete Tweakbox program from the iOS apparatus;

Method 1 — Immediate Uninstall Method

Here is. Follow to Uninstall Tweakbox using the manual method;

  1. Unlock your Phone [huh… obvious but important!]
  2. Tap and drag TweakBox icon until the program icons go into Wiggle mode
  3. After that, tap on the Cross button around the corner of Tweakbox icon
  4. Then there will be a pop-up requesting you to confirm the delete of Tweakbox, tap on Publish button
  5. This is it!

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Strategy 2 — Uninstalling Tweakbox from Preferences

That is an unusual Way of deleting apps, but If You’d like to prefer this technique follow steps that are simple;

  1. Unlock your phone and go to Settings
  2. Tap on General and tap on Profile & Device Management
  3. Then You Have to tap profile for Tweakbox
  4. After that, tap Publish profile
  5. You have successfully deleted the Tweakbox in the device!

I presume that you men have deleted Tweakbox from your device. If you are facing trouble in deleting this program on your device then you’re always welcome to give your inquiries in the box for comment. Our team members will get back to your questions whenever possible.

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