How to Deliver Food to Family in Quarantine?

How does someone give food to their friends during quarantine while respecting social distance regulations?

Believe it or not, there are several methods that you can follow to transport food delivery Dubai safely to your loved ones. At present, people need all the comfort they can get, and if that means eating food cooked with your house (yours) or one of the local businesses, then that’s what they have to get.

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Here are three ways like that; you can make it happen for them without risking themselves about exposure.


  1. Leave Food at Their Door:
  • We all appreciate food cooked at home from time to time, and some people might even depend on a little extra help at this time. If you want to send food to friends or family members, preparing food without touching it with your hands is the safest way to do it.
  • Wear gloves and use equipment to maneuver food in the pan while cooking. When done, move the content into a skillet directly into the container, but again, make sure to do it without touching the food with your hands.
  • If the recipient’s house is not within walking distance and you need to drive or cycling there, make sure to clean the hand after touching the car door, steering wheel, or bicycle handle before taking the container again.
  • You can tell your friends that you will come to deliver food, but still without transactions without contact by dropping the container outside their door. And finally, push your friends to wipe out the outside of the container to remove disinfectants because the virus is believed to live on the surface of the plastic and stainless steel for up to three days.


  1. Pickup Order to-go from the Restaurant:

If you don’t feel like cooking and prefer to support local restaurants, you can always order online or call to see if they offer a Curbside carry-out or have a walk-up window. Then, in the same way, as you will provide food cooked home, leave it outside of their door, so they take so, you are at the end of the entrance or on the road. Also, make sure to clean your hand after handling the package.


  1. Place Orders Through Shipping Services:

Another option is to place a booking through a shipping service such as Errandsboy, which offers features without contact. You can delete yourself from the fully shipping process by going to this route because you choose the address. This may be the best choice on-demand delivery service in Dubai, especially if you are included in the high-risk category with severe complications of Covid-19.

Be sure to press the no-contact option on the application; This is increasingly becoming more important because new research begins to suggest winds can bring draft droplets of infection of up to 20 feet or more. In other words, the six-foot rule may not be as strong as the benchmark as we thought before.

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