How to deploy Office setup on Apple devices?

If you are using Office applications these you know the importance of these apps. The office apps enable you to accomplish your tasks with a productive and creative way within no time and fewer efforts. You make presentations, manage data in excel sheets, calculate the data, make the graphical and statistical presentation of your data to easily understand the data and many more.

In official business meetings and presentations in schools, institutes, and colleges the data is explained by the orator with the help of the data depicted in their presentations and these presentations or slides of data are maintained, edited and created with the help of MS Office applications. The most important factor which separates the Office applications from the rest is you can access these productive applications from anywhere and at any time.

You just have to log in with your office account and access the applications. In case you are new to the office applications then you just have to log in with a free Office work or school account. For extra features, there is an option to pay for each subscription. If you are a Macbook or an iOS device then you can install Office applications from and select a suitable version is compatible with your device.

How can you deploy Office setup on your Apple device?

There are a few steps that you can follow to set up Office on your iOS device:-

-Visit the official website of Microsoft Office that goes by the URL

-Now, login to the MS Office accounts by entering the credentials associated with the account.

-You have to tap on the “Next” option.

-In this step, you have to create an account for free by using any email id that you have.

 -You will be redirected to the “Use Word on the Go” page and then click on the “Create and Edit” option.

-Once you are signed in with your MS Office account the account details will be added to the Office app that is installed on your Apple device.

-If you have signed in to the old versions of Office then you need to upgrade to Office 365.

-Follow the instructions on-screen to purchase a plan or you can simply select the “Maybe Later” option if you are not in a need of subscription.

Note: – If you want the extra features then you have to purchase the subscription.

-Click on the “Open” option to add another account or render the cloud services and after that, you have to click on the “Add an Account” option.

-If you are using One Note, then you have to click on the “Settings” option and then on the account.

-Now you have to either click on “Yes” or “No” in order to help improve the Office applications experience running on your mobile devices.

-You have to turn on Notification for the alerts and then you have to select the cloud service which you want to add and finally, you have to enter the credentials to sign in and enjoy the services.

For more help:

The steps to deploy Office applications on iOS devices have already been mentioned and discussed in the article above, however, if you still need help and assistance on this, then you can visit Microsoft’s official website that goes by the URL You can give a call on the toll-free helpline number that will help you to get connected to the technicians. The team of experts and technicians will help you to fix up queries that are related to the MS Office.

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