How to Determine Your Home Cost with a Mortgage Loan Calculator Texas?


Want to buy a home but worried about the finance? Well, opt for a home loan program and get financial aid easily. But what about your home affordability – how much home could you afford? Use a home loan calculator. It is an online tool that helps you know your home affordability based on certain inputs.

Here are the inputs that you need to give to a mortgage loan calculator Texas to know your home affordability –

  1. Home price

You can enter the maximum home price you are considering and let the online calculator determine the loan amount. Or you can click on “Enter a loan amount instead” in order to find a loan payment without worrying about the other elements.

  1. Down payment

It is the initial payment that one needs to make when applying for a loan to a mortgage lender. You can enter the down payment either in a dollar amount or as a percentage of the purchase price of your home. The online calculator uses this amount to set the loan amount.

  1. Interest rate

Put the interest rate of the loan. You can ask for quotes from different lenders and from there enter a rate that seems good for you.

  1. Loan terms

Check the loan terms from the drop-down list and select the desired length. The most common are 15 and 30 years, but 10 and 20-year loans are also available.

  1. Property tax

If you know the tax bill for a specific property, you can input it under “Other Fees”. Click on the “Annually” link and enter the yearly property tax. I case you don’t have a specific property, check online to find the local tax rate. Besides, you can enter tax every month by clicking the “Monthly” link.

  1. Payments per year

It matters a lot when calculating a loan payment. For monthly payments, the number is twelve.

  1. HOA Fees

In case your property has a homeowners association (HOA), you will need to pay dues. Click the “Annually” or “Monthly” link and after that enter the dollar amount of your dues.

  1. Principal and interest

The principal is the part of your payment, which returns the money you borrowed to the lender. Interest is what you pay to compensate the mortgage lender for advancing money to you.

  1. Monthly payment

The total monthly payment includes principal and interest that repays your loan. You will also need to pay property taxes, either as part of your payment to your lender or separately, homeowners’ insurance premiums, as well as possible HOA fees.

  1. Principal payment

It is the part of your monthly mortgage payment, which reduces your balance. At first, most of the payment goes toward the interest charged.

  1. Interest payment

The interest payment is part of your monthly mortgage payment that covers your interest charges. With time, this amount becomes smaller as you pay down your loan balance.

So, enter the above-mentioned amounts when using a home loan calculator and know your home affordability. You can even use more than one calculator to have a better idea about home affordability.

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