How To Develop An App Like Youtube In 2021?



YouTube is a social media platform that was launched in 2005, having around 3000 visitors initially. The number of daily visitors reached 2 million after six months of opening. By 2006, there were over 25 million videos uploaded on the site.


Google forked over 1.65 billion dollars to acquire this video-sharing website because of its growth. Further, Google’s continuously growing market share proved that this was the right move.


How does a YouTube clone app work?

Before developing an app like YouTube, it is crucial to know how the app works.


  • A YouTube clone app allows users to create unlimited channels and playlists, add unlimited videos, and more.


  • A search and filter option integrated into the app helps users find videos, channels, and playlists. In addition, users can share their playlists via social media with friends.


  • Using the dedicated dashboard, admins can perform various tasks, including managing video ads, commissions, ad payments, reported channels, video listings, and much more.


What are the features integrated with the YouTube clone app?


  1. The app allows users to live stream videos directly to their followers or audience.
  2. Users can subscribe to multiple channels to view the latest videos posted by the channels.
  3. View video content in various languages depending on the language preference of the user.
  4. The app will support a number of secure options for paying, such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, and others.
  5. Users can create their channel and tailor the description of the channel, playlist, and more.
  6. Users can report a video if the content is disturbing.
  7. Users can upload unlimited videos to their channel.


The revenue model of YouTube:


  • A Google report from Feb 2020 reports that YouTube generated $15 billion from ads alone in 2019 and accounts for 10% of Google’s total 2019 revenue. 


  • The YouTube Premium subscription-based freemium service offers ad-free access to YouTube.


Summing up, an app like YouTube is an on-demand application that has the potential to attract many users. Visit a YouTube clone development company to build your social media app offering the best features and leverage your business in no time.

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