How To Develop Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

Dream11 is one of the most popular and trending fantasy app in the Indian subcontinent. It has emerged to become one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports genre of mobile applications. With more than 20 million active users, Dream11, as a result, continues to lead the fantasy app crusade. This application is popular because it allows the participants to win some quick money.

Since it is allowing users to choose from a wide range of sports, thus, it is significantly more admired. From football to ice hockey and cricket to basketball, Dream11 features games of all these sports tournaments played all over the world. So based on the area of expertise, users will be able to play efficiently. Over time several Dream11 clone apps have emerged as well which testifies how popular it is.

If the participants have the right knowledge and skills, they can win a significant amount of money from each game they play. Are you planning to develop an app like Dream11? However, you must understand that it is not an easy task to start a fantasy app development project.

* Fantasy Sports Market Overview *

Sports has a sky-high fan following around the world. Every sport has its separate fan base and fans are going crazy behind it. With the ages, the fans have found different ways to show their love and engagement in their chosen sport. By wearing customized sports outfits, by clicking selfies with the cutouts of their favorite sports star, by inking tattoos, by creating unique hashtags and what not have showcased the craziness to the sports industry. Every fan loves his favorite sport and has discrete goals for it. In recent times, we heard a new way of engaging in sports through apps. It has a simple agenda, “Get paid for the right guess!”

Yes, it is the most electrifying app among youngsters nowadays is Fantasy Sports App.

People from all over the world take part in the online leagues conducted by the app and earn on the right prediction. Between the year 2014-2017, 20% population from the USA and 18% population from Canada have involved themselves in playing fantasy sports. The users are showing high interest and soon the user graphs will rise to 50+ for sure. On average, the fantasy sports app player earns $162 from Daily fantasy and $257 from the traditional league.Illustration for article titled How to Design and Develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

As previously discussed, people love to spend on the teams, 206% has been raised on spending on materials to help the fantasy team from 2012 to 2015.

The ratio of new users is increasing rapidly. It is reported that 90 lacs new players are entering between the years 2013 to 2015.

A young generation got influenced by the trend of fantasy Sports, that’s why 54% of the players between the 18 years to 34 years are an active user of it. For the initial level, the app includes major sports. With the increase of players, it has increased the number of sports and added various ease to its users. In India, Dream11 is the popular fantasy app that is purely based on cricket sport.

The introduction of AR in fantasy development has taken its value to the next level. Feel as if you’re in the game through this technology. The crowd across the world is turning crazy for this AR fantasy sports experience. Soon we will gear up with more of such thrilling experiences. Technology is stepping up to new innovations and fantasy apps will get improvised with the transformation. You never know when and which technology pops up to Fantasy sports in the future.

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