How to differentiate between luxury clothing items and local brands

How can you find the right clothing item for your kids? How is it possible to find the difference between a luxury clothing item and a local product? These are the questions that make a customer confused even when they are choosing a brand online. There are original products and their knockoffs available in the market. 

How can I identify which one is the original one? It is obvious that you will have to hold a specimen of both types to understand which one is better. In fact, sometimes the brands also produce cheaper-quality products that people often mistake for good items due to the brand value. How can you check whether the clothing items are of good quality or not? Here is what you need to know.

Tips to follow

  •         Check the fabric

Cheaper products will always be made of low-quality fabric that is lighter and uncomfortable to wear. These items generally lose their integrity after a few washes. The difference can be understood when you buy an original branded item. For instance, if you watch Boy London kids t shirt closely and compare it with that of the supermarket tees, you will find a hell and heaven difference in fabric quality. Cheap clothes have lighter fabric whereas luxury clothes have heavier and more soothing material.

  •         Stitches

These days, there are brilliant ways to stitch two pieces of clothes without even revealing the stitches to the common eyes. These features can only be found in the high-rated brands in the market. Local brands will not be able to afford this quality mechanism as they have to maintain the price of the items. In fact, if you stretch the two pieces of clothes, the stitches will not be revealed that much in the luxury items. Check the quality of stitches and find the difference between a quality and cheap clothing item.

  •         Spare buttons

Generally, luxury clothing brands offer buttons matching the actual ones on the items. If the person wearing the clothes miss one of those, these extra buttons attached to the tags inside can be used to maintain the same style properly. For instance, if you buy Boy London childrens clothes, you will find matching buttons provided extra with the clothing items. There is no need to hassle and find the same button in the market or discard the clothes. Use the extra button and use the items for a longer period.

  •         Finishing

The finishing of the items will be remarkable. Only the luxury brands will pay the highest attention to provide the best finish to all the mass-produced clothing items. In fact, the quality control department is very much vigilant to any errors or faults. The dimensional features will always be even in luxury brands. The color and designs of these items are way better than the cheap products available in the local markets.


Always go with the best products in the market and let your kids enjoy the best comfort and quality for a long period.

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