How to Disable CarPlay on iPhone

Do you use CarPlay and now you want to disable it because you find it distracting sometimes? In some cases, the passengers riding with you may want to disable it. You can do it by following some simple and easy steps. After the perfect execution of these steps, the device paired with the CarPlay gets disabled. For the implementation of these steps, you require an iOS device that is synchronized with the CarPlay.

How to Disable CarPlay on iPhone

CarPlay is one of the most used and incredibly useful tools for many as you can use it to manage notifications, messages, phone calls, access Apple Maps, Spotify, Amazon Music, and much more. But you might have some powerful reason for disabling them, and let’s focus on that part. You will find your answer further in this blog.

Steps To Turn Off CarPlay From Your iPhone

For disabling this feature completely, you may need to reach the car option from your iPhone. Follow the steps mentioned below for doing it:

  • Open the settings option from your iPhone.
  • Find the “General” option and tap on it. There you will see CarPlay in the Menu
  • Now choose the car that you sync with the CarPlay option.
  • Then tap on the “Forget This Car” option that you will see there.
  • Now confirm from the pop-up notification that you will see on your phone’s screen that you want to disable the CarPlay for that specific vehicle.
  • If your phone is connected with the other Cars, then you can repeat this process with that as well.

Now, the CarPlay option is disabled, and your iPhone will not display any notification or calls or can’t control the music from the car’s dashboard.

There is an option to reverse this change anytime by going through this procedure by enabling the CarPlay with your iPhone and synchronizing the same car or other cars again.

Is There Any Option TO Disable Them For Temporary period?

Yes, you can do it by turning Bluetooth off on your iPhone. If you don’t want to do it for a long time, it will be a great option for you to disable it temporarily. Some users love to connect their iPhone to the car by USB, but when you want to enable the CarPlay, you have to disconnect your iPhone from the USB port in that specific car.

It is like turning off Bluetooth sync, and this doesn’t disable the CarPlay feature from your iPhone device completely. Turn it on for enabling and off for disabling the CarPlay feature.

In some cars, you will find that there is a manual setting in the car’s dashboard that can allow you to turn this feature off or on as per your requirement. It is not consistent across all the cars, so you might need to follow the steps mentioned above.


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