How to Disable Instagram for a While or Permanently

Social media platforms such as Instagram can become addictive and frustrating at times. Instead of doing things in real life, you will be lurking over pictures and videos shared by others all the time. In that case, the best solution is to either take a little break from the photo- and video-sharing platform or delete the same permanently. Instagram doesn’t let you deactivate your profile directly through the app and even removing the complete profile can be difficult for some. Worry not; you will get to learn about both the process over here.

Disabling Instagram for a while

Some people give their precious time in managing their Instagram profile and earn followers through a dedicated process. If you have also provided an ideal amount of time and your profile is updated, you can choose to deactivate your profile rather than deleting. All your followers and people that look up to you won’t be able to find you on the platform. But, if you wish to take a break and disappear for a while, you can deactivate and come back to Instagram whenever you want.

For deactivating, go to your web browser and open Instagram over there. Again, you can do it through an Android or iOS Instagram app. You will have to visit the browser on your device – not matter if it is a Smartphone, tablet, or computer – and sign in to your Instagram account with relevant details.

After this, click on the person icon available at the top right section and then “Edit Profile.” On the bottom section of the page, you will see an option “Temporarily disable my account.”, Click on it for disabling your account. You will have to provide an ideal reason for deactivating your Instagram account though. Once you give the proper reason, you will be asked to provide your account’s password to confirm your authenticity. You will now be one click away from disabling your Instagram account. Press the dedicated button to get rid of your account for some time.

Re-enabling the disabled Instagram account

You can easily reaccess your Instagram easily. To do the same, you need to go to your web browser again and follow the same procedure. After you fill in the relevant account information, you will be able to reactivate your Instagram account.

Deleting Instagram account permanently

You need to think twice before implementing these steps, as you will not be able to recover your account back. As you can’t check your messages, photos, stories, and everything that is inside your Instagram after you delete it. To permanently remove your Instagram account, you will have to visit the ‘Delete Your Account’ page and click on the option ‘Delete Your Account page.’ You will be redirected to the sign in page. Type in the username and password of your account and sign in to move ahead with the process. Again, choose the reason accordingly and click on the dedicated ‘Delete’ button given over there to remove your account permanently from Instagram.

In this way, you can easily get rid of your Instagram account!

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