How to Disable Lock Screen Notifications on iPhone & iPad

Do you want to hide your notification from your iPhone and iPad device during the lock screen? If you don’t want to get any notification pop on your locked screen of the iPhone and iPad, then this blog will help you out.

If you have turned on your lock screen notification, then anyone who takes your iPhone sees your notification like your emails, important message, your payment confirmations, and more. You would definitely not want to share your personal message important email etc. to anyone. While you are traveling or you are in a public place or working in an office, then your device may be accessed by anyone else.

Apple devices have a convenient feature to customize your sound and how to display your notification on the lock screen on the iPhone and iPad. Here you can find the step how to disable lock screen notification on iPhone and iPad device.

Notification shown in your iPhone or iPad device on the lock screen can change with customized settings. You can also stop your application notification on behalf of your use; you can choose those apps which information you want to preview. You can enable or disable the preview option based on your application. Here are the steps to do.

  1. Tap on the setting icon on the home screen.
  2. Hit on “Notification”
  3. Here your all the application listed, scroll the stored application on your iPhone, now you can adjust your app notification setting separately. Click on the application you want to disable notification on your lock screen iPhone.
  4. In the alert section, you can also check the option (lock Screen, Notification Centre Banners). Disable notification based on your choice.
  5. When you want to change your step in the future to display all your app notification on a lock screen device. Come back to Notification Center and Hit on Show Previews.
  6. Tap on When Unlocked. It will stop application notification showing preview on your lock Screen device. That depends on what setting you have chosen

Now you can ensure that no one will be able to see your important notification whenever they take your iPhone or iPad. Till now, iOS does not provide any service to its user to turn off information for all installed applications on one tap. Hopefully, Apple will introduce these features in future updates until you have to disable this setting one by one.

Face ID is an exciting feature in lock screen notification that is full of privacy that only available on new versions of iPhone and iPad devices. These features work with Face ID, in case you are not recognized your face ID then you can enter your password too.  Face ID unlocks your iPhone and iPad device but never preview your notification.

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