How to Disable the Touchpad on Your Laptop

If you are facing issues with your touchpad, and want to turn it off, then you have come to the right place. Here we will explore the process of disabling the touchpad of laptops.

Steps to Disable the Touchpad Using the Native Device Manager

•    Go to the “Device Manager.” In case you do not know the steps for doing so, then click on the “Windows and R” keys together for opening the “Run” box.

•    After completing the step mentioned above, enter “Devmgmt.msc” in the required column appears on the screen.

•    Then, click on the “Enter” button.

•    Once the Device Manager starts showing on display, enlarge the test in case it is not done already. Then, enlarge “Mice” and any other pointing device to get any Human Interface Device-complaint mouse drivers.

•    After tapping on the Human Interface Device-complaint mouse drivers and tap on the “Disable” button.

•    After it starts indicating “Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning” on the system screen. In case you wish to turn it off, tap on the “Yes” button.

•    The procedure which is mentioned above will disable the touchpad on the laptop, but in case it is not, then you have to disable the other Human Interface Device-complaint mouse drivers one after another.

Steps to Disable the Touchpad Through the Touchpad Blocker

•    You will get many other tools which will help you to turn off the touchpad on your laptop, but you should use the Touchpad Blocker tool because it will only help you to lock the touchpad easily on your laptop. This tool also permits the users to turn on and off the touchpad by using the keyboard shortcut.

•    You can use the entire greatest functions of Touchpad Blocker tool by clicking only at once. You need to go to the “Developer” webpage in case you wish to install the executable. After that, tap on the dark color “Install” option provided on the developer webpage. After going through this procedure, it will automatically begin its installing process.

Steps to Disable Touchpad From Windows Control  Panel

Make sure that the disable option in the settings application is for the systems that have the Microsoft precision touchpad. In case you have a different type of touchpad in your laptop, you can adjust the mouse option through the Windows Control Panel.

In case you use the Synaptics touchpad, then start using the Windows Control Panel for changing the mouse options by going through the steps mentioned below:

•    Go to the “Control Panel” window.

•    After that, tap on the “Hardware and Sound” option.

•    Below the “Devices and Printers” option, you have to press on the “Mouse” option.

•    By going to the “Device Settings” option, you need to turn off the other pointing devices after the Universal Serial Bus have the attached option in it.

•    You should turn off the touchpad in the laptop when the system mouse is paired can be covered in the program.

•    After that, go to the “Touchpad” app on your laptop.

•    You have to choose the mouse that you are recently using and after that, tap on the “Stop Device” option. •    At last, go through the “Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse present” checkbox.

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