How To Do Snow Shoveling Safely In Winter?

Snowflakes, white skirts – the white splendor is like magic! But what makes children’s eyes shine tends to make adults weaned. Because they have to get the white stuff back. So that the necessary evil does not become hard work, here we have some tips to cleverly snow shoveling this winter.snow shoveling

Dress Warmly!

Before you go out, of course you have to be neat and warm, preferably with winter work clothes. But what a stroll through the city is okay will be far too much for the strenuous activity of snow-screening. Because the way to clear is sweaty and therefore dangerous – quickly one could cold threaten when the skin becomes damp and then clammy!

So best several thin layers of clothing wear, which are warm, but breathable. Also absolutely neat winter boots with a good profile, thick and one hat wear – because we lose a lot of heat over our heads!

Where To Go With The Snow?

Be sure to make plans before you start working. The first priority is how you avoid duplication of work. For example, if your road is cleared by a snow plow, the entrance just shipped could be pushed back. So wait until the Broaching vehicles are through.

Even the order on the property can be important: if you want to free your car, for example, first sweep the snow off the body and then shuffle around the car. This also avoid double handshakes. And by the way: getting up early is worth it, because Fresh snow is lighter than older snow!

Also important: think about where the snow is supposed to go! Because especially if it shows continuously and abundantly, these messes can not permanently stay on the sidewalk. The road is also not an option as this affects traffic. The best thing to do is to find one Lawn area and transport the snow mountains there. Here they can be stored in peace until the melt starts.

How Do You Stay Safe When Shoveling Snow In Winter?

To avoid injuries, it is important to know how to safely shovel snow. It is important to wrap yourself warm with several layers of clothing to avoid hypothermia. Shoveling snow in the winter is hard work, so it is important to take breaks regularly. Take measures to protect your back and make work as safe as possible.

Apply a layer of car or floor wax to your shovel before shoveling so that the snow does not stick to it. This makes it easier to shovel the snow cleanly in piles and speeds up work. If you don’t have a suitable wax on hand, cooking spray is a suitable alternative.

Bend your knees while shoveling and lift the snow with your legs instead of your back to avoid overload. It also makes sense to change the handle regularly so that you do not constantly strain the same muscles. If you keep the handle as close as possible to the end of the bucket, the snow can also be lifted more easily and safely.

If the snow is very deep, you risk back pain if you try to shovel large amounts at once. Instead, try to work in layers of a few centimeters and take a break between each shift. If you feel exhausted or sore, you should take a break to avoid cardiovascular and muscle strain.

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