How to download and install Norton Wi-Fi Privacy app in your devices

Since we have put our data online. We always afraid that our privacy might be breached. However, somehow it has become vulnerable to hackers. But if you have Norton as your antivirus then you need not worry. It secures your vulnerable data from the hackers.

Norton install – Norton provides Norton Wifi Privacy application. With the help of this, you can protect your data during you use the Public Wifi. While using public WIfi, your device data is at risk. You can secure it with the help of Norton Wifi Privacy app. In this article, we have discussed the ways to install the app on your device. With the help of this article, you can easily install it on your Computer, Smartphones etc. You can know more about Norton Wifi Privacy application by visiting Norton Support.

How to install Norton Wifi privacy for New Users- Norton install

To install Norton Wifi privacy for new users, you can follow the given steps.

• First of all, open your browser in your Computer by double-clicking on the browser’s icon.
• Afterwards, you need to type in the address bar of your browser.
• On the opened page, you need to select the number of devices.
• If you selected the number of devices then go ahead and click on the ‘subscribe now’ button.
• And after that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
• When you are installing Wifi privacy on your Mac.
• You need to see the Finder in the Mac operating system.
• Then you need to drag the Norton Wifi Privacy icon into the Application folder of the Mac.

How to install Norton WiFi privacy if you are an existing user- Norton install

To install Norton Wifi Privacy if you are an existing user, you need to follow the following steps:

• You need to open your web browser and visit page.
• After that, you need to go to the sign in button and click on it.
• Furthermore, you are required to enter your credentials and click on sign in button.
• Just after that, you will get a prompt to download Norton antivirus.
• In the next step, you need to click on the ‘download’ button.
• Then you need to click on ‘done’ when you get a prompt to Download Norton Security.
• In the further option, under Wifi Privacy, click on the ‘setup now’ button.
• Finally, follow the prompts to install the Norton Wifi Privacy app.

How to install Norton WiFi privacy in your Smartphone- Norton install

If you are installing Wifi Privacy app in your Android device then follow the given steps:

• Open your Android device.
• Go to the ‘google play store’ and tap to open it.
• Type ‘Norton Wifi Privacy’ in the search bar and tap search button.
• In the search results, tap on the ‘Norton Wifi Privacy’ application.
• Afterwards, tap on the ‘Install’ and then tap on ‘Accept and Download’ button.
• In the pop-up, tap allows to ‘add VPN configuration’.
• Lastly, Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are installing Wifi Privacy app in your iOS device, you can follow the certain steps:

• In your iOS device, you need to tap ‘app store’ from the screen.
• Now, type ‘Norton Wifi Privacy’ into the search box.
• In the search results, tap on the ‘Norton Wifi Privacy’ app to select.
• Now you need to tap ‘get’ to install the application in your device.
• Add VPN Configuration by tapping on ‘allow’ option.
• Lastly, follow the instructions given on your screen to install the application.

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You can contact our toll-free number to resolve these queries. Our experts try to resolve your issue with the easiest way possible. Free free to contact. You can visit Norton Support to know more information related to Norton.

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