How to Download Dropbox on your Linux System

Dropbox is one of the famous online file storage provider (Cloud storage) options available. It allows the users to upload and keep their files on its online storage. The users have to sign up on Dropbox, which is free, and it will give them 2GB of free online storage. Once you get your Dropbox storage, you can store your files and folders there, especially the important ones. With this, Dropbox is not just limited for the Macintosh or Windows users. The company has officially made it available for the Linux devices. That means you can directly download Dropbox on your Linux system with ease. If you also want to upload or access your stored files on your Linux desktop, then you can easily install Dropbox from the Dropbox website. Here is how to download Dropbox on your Linux system.

Note: You don’t need to search or worry about your Linux distribution. The Dropbox application downloaded from the official Dropbox website can be installed on almost all newer distributions of Linux. Therefore, the instructions  given in the article will also work on most Linux distributions.

How to download and install Dropbox on Linux

In order to the key of online (cloud) storage of Dropbox, you must have an account on it. Not only this account will give you the free cloud storage, but also you can access your stored files anywhere with your Dropbox account. Thus, if you don’t have signup on Dropbox yet, then you can do it right away by visiting the Dropbox site. After that, you can proceed to download the Dropbox on your Linux.

1.   Open a browser to download the Linux installation file of Dropbox. Ignore this, if it is already opened.

2.   After that, Sign in to your Dropbox account by filling up the sign-in form.

3.   When you’re in your account, click your ‘Dropbox Profile Picture’ icon near the top.

4.   Select ‘Install’ in the opened menu.

5.   Look for your Linux distribution and the processor (64-bit or 32-bit) your system is running on and select it by clicking.

6.   Now, click on the ‘Open With’ button in the popup dialog.

7.   And choose ‘Software Install.’

8.   Hit the ‘OK’ button.

9.   Click on the green ‘Install’ button at the top left corner of the window that will open.

10. Type your Linux user account password in the Password field of the Authentication Required dialog.

11. Then hit the ‘Authenticate’ button.

12. Let the Dropbox download completely. Once it will, the Dropbox file installer will be closed automatically.

13. Hit the ‘Start Dropbox’ button, when appear.

14. When the Dropbox installation box prompted, click ‘OK.’ The remaining installation process will begin.

15. Now, allow the installation process for Dropbox to complete.

Once this finishes, your browser will open with a page that asks you to link the Dropbox account to your device. Click on ‘Connect’ to allow. Now, you’re all set to start using Dropbox online storage on your device and upload your files.


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