How TO Download & Install Norton Security

Introduction Of

Norton is one of the best antiviruses. as we all know. Norton has come into the market in 1991. Symantec has launched Norton. in order to protect all the number of devices like Computers, laptops, MAC books, Smartphones, iPhones, Android tablets.

Symantec designed the Norton Antivirus ( because they want people can feel safe. while using their devices from Malware, spyware, viruses, etc.

Norton Antivirus is trusted security. it has lots of good features. which fights against virus or malware, ransomware, data loss etc.

It is really easy to download and activate Norton antivirus from the official website. which is ( they offer a free trial as well. if you find their features helpful for your devices. then you can upgrade your Norton antivirus into the paid version. where lots of features got enhanced. somehow you can say. you will start getting special treatment with their services. like more and better protection features. because some of the featured are locked in the trial version. but when you choose the premium services. they unlocked all their features.

Make sure you create the account on and always keep your user name and password protected. so, no one can get access without your permission.

You can also choose a family plan for Norton antivirus. if you have more than 1 device or your family also wants to get into it. then go ahead and sign up for the family plan. where you can cover up to 3 to 5 computers or devices from one Norton account.

Using gives you guaranteed protection to your device, data, browser.

most common mistakes. which most users do. they keep 2 or more than 2 antivirus on their devices. which is not going to protect you. it may slow down your machine. 2 or more than 2 antivirus conflict with each other. so, if you are one of them. who thinks that. keeping more security on the computer gives more protection. then don’t do that. it’s is going to harm your device in the long run.

Why choose Norton over other antivirus security?

Well, there is numerous antivirus in the market. but what makes antivirus different. that is existing users’ trust. Also this antivirus is not heavy software. also, it is designed with every device’s compatibility. It is really easy to activate on the devices and last but not least. it protects your devices.

Norton antivirus is one of the powerful antiviruses. which fights against viruses, malware, infection, worms, etc. download Norton antivirus now on the official website and Activate it for your computer or other devices security. it gives you complete protection. while using the internet or accessing any confidential details. it has various features. when it comes to the security of users. when it comes to pricing. it is very affordable. Also some free options available. which can be used for a while. but we highly recommend using the premium services to enjoy all features.

For any kind of help and support of activation regarding or any other related query visit. (

Norton is absolutely unique. when it comes to their features. Also it very easy to use for any person. they have their own firewall, they have spam email filtering, and protect devices from phishing things.

How to Activate with product key?

In order to install and Activate with product key

  • 1st open the official website of Norton(

  • 2nd step Find 25 Digit Alphanumeric product key..

  • 3rd step Enter 25 Digit Alphanumeric product key and validate your that.

  • 4th step once Your product key got validate. download. then download exe file on the computer.

  • 5th step once your Setup exe file got download then install on your computer or laptop.

6th: Once Your Antivirus software properly installs on the computer or laptop. you can scan your computer.

These are the few steps to Activate on your computer.

Where do I find my product key?

In order to find your product key:-

  • First, you need to go to the official website activate

  • In the second step, you need to go to my subscription page and go down and under norton premium utilities. you can see 25 digit alphanumeric product key

You can jot down the product key on the piece of paper.

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