How to Download Videos from Periscope

In 2015, Twitter bought the live video streaming app called Periscope. The Periscope app is a fantastic alternative whether for broadcasting events or sharing something personal. The Periscope services can be accessed either from the application or from Twitter. Periscope app users will be able to select if they wish to share their videos with the public or only chosen people such as friend or family. While this app is quite amazing, it is not flawless.

How to download Periscope videos

Periscope app has the potential to act erratically while streams. Also, it does not come with a built-in feature that allows users to download videos to view them offline. However, fortunately, users can select from several 3rd party alternatives that enable them to download Periscope videos.

Download your own Periscope videos

In case you want to download your own stream, then the process is rather simple. Wait for the stream to come to an end, and then it will get saved to the Analytics dashboard in your account.

To go to the screen, you need to tap on the profile picture of your Periscope account. After that, place the cursor over the video that you want to grab and tap on the blue option for requesting the file. It will take a couple of minutes to process this request. When the request is processed, you can download the video by tapping on the green icon.

This procedure does not apply on mobile phones, and you have to turn on the Autosave feature on your Android or iOS app. Doing so will keep your streams stored automatically on your device as soon as they come to an end. Just tap on Account and select Settings from the list of options. After that, tap on Autosave Broadcast.

Periscope enables you to download data like chat and viewing history, etc. from the account. Just head to the Periscope data webpage and sign in.

 Download other users’ Periscope videos

If you want to download streams that you do not own, then you can use 3rd part alternatives.

From your desktop, go to the GetVideo website. Enter the video’s URL in the search option. Now, you will see “Enter a Video Link. Click on the Search button, and you will get a download link. Click on the Download button.

You can repeat this process in the web browser on your phone too. You can even download an app that makes downloading Periscope videos even easier. You can get an app named Scopedown . You simply have to enter the URL and tap on the Download Video button. Now, the Periscope video will get saved on your device. The downside of Scopedown is that the videos get saved in the .ts format rather than mp4 format. This could affect your mobile storage space.

Unfortunately, the Scopedown app is available only for Android as of now. Hence, iPhone owners will have to use the web for downloading Periscope videos.


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