How to dress your newborn to sleep?

Good sleep is the key to recharge and restore, and the atmosphere you create for the same matters. Adults and older kids can get through the night with pyjamas and a t-shirt. They also do not require much other than silence. However, infants are still trying to discover the world around them.

The only way to get them to sleep peacefully is to stay prepared. This involves creating a calm and safe atmosphere. While preparing the crib and sleep time newborn baby products, parents often struggle with sleepwear. Utmost comfort is essential to ensure the baby has an uninterrupted and fuss-free sleep. For this, find functional and breathable clothing. Here are some tips:

Consider age

Babies grow rapidly and what worked for them a few months back becomes impractical later. Hence, revaluating their age and making changes accordingly is a good strategy. For instance, when babies hit the 12 months milestone, introducing a thin blanket should not cause an issue. Similarly, making changes to their crib and sleep sacks also becomes necessary to accommodate their activeness.

Choose practically

Cute baby clothes look adorable, and every parent wants to hoard upon them. With the fun messages and prints, it gets tempting. But do you need them is the question? If they offer easy accessibility and unrestricted movement, you should get them. But if they interfere with diaper changes and night-time routine, it is best to go with safe baby night suits that might not look fancy but do the trick.

Shop seasonal

Babies are susceptible to changing temperatures. Hence, they get sweaty, chilly, and suffocated quickly. This requires you to monitor and keep changing them through the night. Choose light and breezy t-shirts, onesies, or a bodysuit for the summer. During winters, pair the light bodysuits with a snuggly fleece pyjama or sleep slack.

Think of swaddling

Infants get accustomed to the world outside the womb slowly. Hence, they need your warmth and softness for the first few months. A swaddle is a bundling technique that helps. It makes babies feel safe and soothed, just like in the womb. If you want to try this for your baby, choose a muslin or cotton material that offers flexibility for wrapping and tucking without discomfort.

Know the amount of layering

This is a tricky decision, and there is no definite answer. Hence, no matter what the general suggestions are, consider your situation closely before deciding. This involves understanding the normal temperature levels in your area. If it is particularly chilly, add one additional layer. If it seems humid, go for light-weighted rompers for baby.

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