How to dress your petite body in autumn with the Banana Republic.


Every day is a time to dress up and show up like it is an occasion. As a woman, you are unstoppable and have the power to look sassy every day of your life. As a petite, you have such a wide range to choose from you should not go a single day without being at your best. The Banana Republic is stocked with the finest collections is styles of clothing and shoes to match up your standards. Top styles to try out include;

The sheath dresses

Stand out of the crowd with a perfectly fitting dress of all time. If you are looking for a dress that can get you all the scores at the office or an event, the Petite Bi-Stretch V-Back Sheath Dress is everything you need. Other incredible sheath dresses you should check out include the; Petite Stretch Racer-Neck Sheath Dress, Petite Scalloped Bi-Stretch Sheath Dress, and the Petite Stretch Racer-Neck Sheath Dress.

Petite Luxespun V-Neck T-Shirt

This season should be about you getting cozy in your tops. With this v-neck t-shirt hitting below the hip, you get to move about and carry out your activities easily. It has long sleeved, so you may not need to add a jacket as it can keep you warm (unless it is really cold). The Petite Luxespun V-Neck T-Shirt is a collection that comes in three shades; heather grey, black and white and blue (striped). Match it up with your pencil or stretch skirt for a confident look any day.

The Ankle pant and ankle Jean

Explore a wide range of ankle pants and jeans at 20% off with the Banana Republic Voucher Codes. It does not matter if you need a bi-stretch ankle pant for the office or for the outdoors. You will love the jeans collections, the slim straight Italian wool pants, and the Petite Sloan Skinny-Fit Houndstooth Ankle Pan. Paired up with a fitting top, you would win an award by just showing up dressed like this. Most noteworthy, these look incredible matched up with fitting tops!

The statement-making boot

Boots are not just about comfort; they are also about complementing your looks and making you look stunning. Check out the wide range of Chelsea, long slouchy, ankle boots, and brogue at the Banana Republic. They come in block heel and skinny heel, as well as incredible material such as suede and pure leather. Al you have to do is key in your size, and you have your pair of choice.


Dressing well boosts your confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and performance. As a petite woman, you should take advantage of the incredible styles of clothes at the Banana Republic for an everyday confident look. Moreover, Banana Republic voucher codes guarantee you discounts of up to 20% off on selected items every time you shop. Whether a dress, denim, shoe or top; shop the perfect fit, and you will not be disappointed. Let this season be about you being at your very best.

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