How To Easily Resolve Your QuickBooks Display Issues?

QuickBooks, with all its features and efficiency, can display certain issues from time to time due to various causes. One such issue is the QuickBooks Display Issues that can bother any user when encountered. This issue can hamper your efficacy in a significant way, and you face display issues with high-resolution graphics. This blog will try to cover the aspects surrounding this issue so that you can fix this problem on your own.

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QuickBooks Display Issues

Reasons For QuickBooks Desktop Display Issues

There are some specific conditions that can trigger this issue. It’s important to understand those before you take a look at the solutions. Understanding these points makes it easier for you to fix this issue. Now, go through the points stated:

  • Improper settings in the MS Windows Resolutions or fonts can trigger this issue. Hence, keep a regular check on these settings.
  • If the DPI(dots per inch) settings are between 125-150%, this can bring about display issues in QuickBooks.

With some reasons known to you, you can now go to the next section that’ll cover the procedures that can resolve this issue.

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Procedures To Fix Screen Issues In QuickBooks

There are a ton of procedures that can fix this issue with ease. What’s important is to rectify the cause of your problem. If that is done, your issue should get resolved in no time. Some of the procedures are discussed below:

Procedure 1: Check The Settings Of Internet Explorer

You should always check your compatibility view settings of IE to fix this issue. Go through the steps stated below:

  • Go to Tools in Internet Explorer. Now, in the Tools, go to Compatibility View Settings.
  • Press ALT and T and check and are not listed.
  • Now, check that the boxes displayed against all websites in Compatibility View and Include updated website list are not ticked.
  • Quit Internet Explorer windows and login QBO to check if the issue is fixed or not.

If these steps can’t fix your issue, go to the next set of steps to get your problem fixed.

Procedure 2: Change The View Preferences In QuickBooks

Editing the view preference in QuickBooks can do wonders for this issue. Read the steps that are explained below:

  • Open QuickBooks. Choose Edit And then Preferences.
  • Choose Desktop View and now click on the My Preferences tab.
  • You must click on the One Window Open from the View area. Finally, click on OK to confirm.


QuickBooks Display Issues can become complicated for you to fix as you might face issues implementing solutions. Nonetheless, be patient and execute the measures stated in this blog. Be precise with the measures and follow them step-by-step. If you do this, your issue should get resolved in no time.
You can also get connected with the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391 if you require necessary individualized support or assistance.

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