How to Enable Pop-up Blocker in your Web Browser with Norton

Setup Pop-up Blocker in a Different Browser

Norton antivirus software is a protection program created by Symantec. It is one of the popularly used product by the users worldwide. But there are sometimes when customers come across some issues while using this software. In the situation like that, you can avail the help of professional by reaching them at Norton antivirus tech support phone number available at all time. They are available to understand your problem and then give the best solution to fix it.

While getting the Internet you may have to get irritated with the pop-ups. Some of these pop-ups can be dangerous for your computer. So there must be an application that can be used to manage to block and to unblock of the pop-ups for the smooth running of the system and Norton is capable of doing it. You can follow the steps to setup Pop-up blocker in a different browser.

Setup Pop-up Blocker in a Different Browser

Google Chrome :

  • Select on the icon Customize and control Google Chrome after opening Chrome page
  • Select Setting> Show advanced settings> Privacy
  • Now open Content settings then scroll down to Pop-ups and choose the option for ‘Do not allow any site to show pop-ups’

Internet Explorer:

  • Click the Setting option from the IE window
  • Then select Internet option> Privacy> Pop-up blocker
  • Click to turn on the Pop-up blocker
  • Open Setting then choose Pop-up Blocker settings
  • For the option of Blocking Level choose a required setting from the drop-down list and then click Apply

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open the homepage of Mozilla Firefox
  • Select on the Menu option then click Options
  • Select the Content tab and choose Block pop-up windows

Safari Browser:

  • Open the Safari of your Mac device
  • Click on Preferences and go to Security tab
  • Double check to see that Block pop-ups windows option is checked next to the Web Content

If you are not able to follow the steps as given then feel free to connect with Norton tech support number which is online 24/7. The technical support team is well versed in fixing an issue related to Norton antivirus. They are a well-known team of experts that first analyze the issue deeply and then suggest the best way to sort out the issue.

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