How to Enable Vibration on Google Pixel 3 Smartphone

Pixel 3 is one of the best Android smartphones in Google Pixel phone series. These pixel devices also come with top-notch displays. Pixel 3 and 3 XL series run on Android 10 and have the processor of Android Pie. Both run on Snapdragon 845, Pixel Visual Core, and have various dynamic features such as wireless charging and glass backs.

There are several features that these devices offer, and one of the much-requested features by its users is the vibration. It provides a number of convenient tools for those who want the best quality handheld devices. It is equipped with the latest technology that configures various functions running with smart processors. You can adjust anything that you wish, be it a ringtone, volume adjustment, vibration, etc. You can do all of these things by just using a few tips and tricks. Follow these guidelines to set up these settings directly on your device:

Customizing Vibration and Sound Settings on Google Pixel 3

Users may adjust the device volume as per their requirements, be it louder or quieter.  One can increase or decrease the volume directly on the Pixel 3 device.

In case you wish to set up your Pixel 3 to vibrate, then pursue these instructions:

  • First and foremost, search for the Volume tab located on your device and then hit it.
  • Then, an icon will appear at the right-hand side edge of your device’s screen just at the top of the slide-bar.
  • Press the icon until you feel the vibration on the device.
  • If you repeat these instructions mentioned above, then you can set the device to ring or mute if you don’t want to keep it vibrating.
  • In case the vibration feature is not enabled on your and it sets on ringing, then you can stop it by pressing the volume tab located on your device.

Setting-up Pixel 3 to Vibrate via Sound Settings

  • First and foremost, hit the Settings tab directly from your home screen.
  • Then, search for the sound option and then launch it.
  • Now, you have to slide the toggle bar towards the left-hand side.
  • A mini vibrate icon will be displayed on your screen, and then you will find that it is set to vibrate successfully.

Setting-up Calls to Vibrate First

Want to have your incoming calls to vibrate before ringing? Don’t worry, here is the answer to your question. Pixel 3 provides a unique feature to set up the vibration to start before ringing. To do so, follow these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, launch the Settings app directly on your Pixel 3 smartphone.
  • Then, you have to scroll down the page to the Sound section and then press it to launch.
  • After that, choose the vibration feature for calling options.
  • Now, you will see various options displayed on the screen:
  1. Never Vibrate
  2. Always Vibrate
  3. Vibrate First
  4. You have to select the last most option to set a vibration feature to start before ringing for all the incoming calls.
  5. You can also set the phone to ring louder or slower as you do on other smart devices. If you have set up your smartphone to start vibration before ringing, it will vibrate for five seconds before ringing.
  6. In case you have selected “Always vibrate,” then your device will vibrate each time for all the incoming calls. To turn off the vibrating feature for your device calls, then choose the option “Never Vibrate.”

Managing Sounds on Pixel 3

The sounds panel also allows the user to customize and manage other related stuff such as alarms, calling, and more.

You may adjust the media volume, and this option is related to the videos that you play on your device via any external apps. In case you want to adjust the calling volume of your device, you have to move towards the slide bar at the bottom section of your device. The available slide will help you to manage your ringing volume. The final slider is dedicated to adjusting the alarm volume.

SOURCE:- How to Enable Vibration on Google Pixel 3 Smartphone

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