How to Enhance Morning Alarm Clock Experience on Phone

A  number of people wake up every day to alarms on your phone. However, mostly they do not make the most out of their smartphone alarm and settle for the basic default alarm tone. If you want to enhance your morning routine by waking up better, then try the tips, apps, and devices mentioned in the blog.

Android’s Clock app

Android’s clock application is equipped with support for Google Assistant routines. This way, you can switch on your smart light and get morning updates when the alarm starts to beep.

When you add the alarm in the Alarm tab, just select Google Assistant Routine. This will enable you to see the weather report, news, and schedule. In case you wish to add your favorite song as the alarm, then open the Clock app, go to the Alarm screen and select the option for YouTube Music or Spotify.

You can also customize the alarm further. Just open the menu and select Settings. You can decide the period of alarm, the volume, snooze period, etc.

iPhone’s Clock app

Setting alarms from the Clock app of your iPhone is rather easy. However, there are a couple of hacks you may not be aware of. You can turn off Snooze by toggling the button.

You can also give alarms their own individual names. For example, you can set different alarms for taking your dog on a walk, for waking up, etc.

Touch the Sound option, and you shall get a number of different options. You can select ringtones and add songs from iTunes or Apple Music. Those looking for a subtle alarm can enable vibration in place of audio. They can even customize the vibration with screen taps.

For adjusting the alarm volume on iPhone, go to Sounds and Haptics from the Settings menu. Toggle the Ringer to reset the default volume.

You should also familiarize yourself with the Bedtime feature. This feature will not only help you set the alarm but will also remind you when you should head to bed.

Third-party alarm apps

You have a number of options to select from. There are several alarm apps available in the app store. If the basic app is not working, then you can try some more complex alarm apps that will force you to get up.


If you don’t want your morning alarm to set you on edge, then try Rise Alarm Clock. This is a simple app that comes with calming alarm sounds.

Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer

Do you use the snooze function a lot? Well, get this app, and you will not be able to snooze the alarm too much. The app also decreases the time between snoozes. To snooze the alarm, you will have to do many things: shake, press the side button, slide the screen, or solve math.

Loud Alarm Clock

Do you often sleep through the alarms? Get this app and wake up to an ear-splitting alarm every day. Even though you can set your own music as the alarm tune, this app is packed with maddening tunes such as car alarm, emergency, big horn, etc.

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