How to Evolve Meltan into Melmetal in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The introduction of Pokémon Home to Pokémon Sword and Sword enables the gamers to use some of earlier Pokémon from Generation 7 and 8. Users can gather up to 35 different species of Pokémon creatures found in Generation 7 amidst the Non-Galar Region. Meltan and its successor Melmetal is one of those returning Pokémon found in the non-Galar areas.

Here, we are going to provide how to evolve Meltan into Melmetal in Pokémon  Sword and Shield.

About Meltan and Melmetal

Meltan is one of the powerful steel type Pokémon that was already introduced in Pokémon series Generation 7. It received immense appreciation from the gamers when Ash caught it and evolved to Melmetal by uniting with its kin. The process of evolving this Pokémon isn’t very hard to perform. Pokémon Home makes is so easy with the introduction of Generation 8.

Evolving Meltan to Melmetal

Meltan can be evolved into its successive creature by getting four hundred candies in Pokémon  Go and is the only way to transform Pokémon into Melmetal. One can get these transformation candies by transferring and catching techniques of More Meltan’s. It can be done when it’s data successfully registers in Pokémon Go.

If a player wants to get Meltan for its Pokedex, he has to use the features of Mystery Box with the association of Pokémon: let’s Go. Once the trainers evolve their Meltan to Melmetal, they can move further for the upcoming process to finish the next goal.

Steps to transfer Melmetal to Pokémon: Let’s Go

Melmetal is easily transferrable to any Pokémon Series as other creatures of Generation One. Gamers who want to transfer their Melmetal to Pokémon: Let’s Go have to follow the given instructions :

  • First and foremost,  navigate to the “Go Park” of Fuchsia City.
  • Then, select to catch the mythical creatures in non-Galar regions of the particular area.
  • After that, they have to place both these gadgets closer to each other: Smartphone having Pokémon  Go and Pokémon Let’s Go switch.

Note: Gamers have to connect these devices with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices with turned On mode. The gamers are requested to not mark Meltan and its successor Melmetal as the favourite in the data of Pokémon  Go. If both these creatures are marked favourite, then the gamers won’t be able to transfer these two Pokémon to other “Pokémon  Let’s Go” series.

Transferring Melmetal to “Pokémon Home”

Pokémon of “Pokémon Let’s Go” can be transferred to any other game of Nintendo Series. If you wish to transfer your desired creature to “Pokémon Home,” then you can do so by a specific option located in the primary menu. Pursue these instructions to transfer your Pokémon  to it:

  • Firstly, you have to hit the particular “Pokémon” tab situated at the Pokémon Go’s Switch edition.
  • Then, you will see various options of Pokémon games through the available list on your device. It also consists of the recently released games. You have to select “Pokémon  Home.”
  • Then, hit the transfer button and follow on-screen instructions to complete transferring of Pokémon.

Transferring Melmetal to Sword and Shield

Trainers can be able to move their non-Galar Pokemon to Sword and Shield with an easy process. It’s the final process to transfer your mythical Pokémon to the Galar area. The transferring process is the same as mentioned above. After that, you won’t be able to transfer them to any other game. There is another downside of these steel type creatures, players won’t be able to avail of it until they use “Sword and Shield.”

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